Bumble to start In-app Voice and Video calls: First Dating app to introduce this New Feature

Bumble Calling Feature Image

Bumble found a new way to introduce its new features in its app like in-app voice calling and video calling. This feature would be applicable to all Bumble’s use cases which includes Bumble Bizz to make a professional connection, Bumble BFF to connect to new friends, and Bumble to try out the luck in dating and finding the perfect match.

This is how video calling will be possible. First, the new feature is double opt-in which means the match has to be made or else there is no scope of video calling. Then inside the chat screen, both of the people can see an icon which they can tap and enable the feature of video calling and move beyond the text. Women have to make the first move and men will have to wait for a while till it happens. Then both the people on either side of the Bumble screen can have a conversation on a video call.

The overall aim to start this feature is to eliminate the exchange of phone numbers because it is not convenient for some people to get rid of the matches they made which now they do not match with. The feature is such that if two people unmatch, the other person will lose the ability to make a call automatically.

The feature also focussed on “giving users a more real-life interaction and saving them time by getting a deeper understanding of who they’re matched with before they decide to meet in person or share valuable contact information” MagicLab, the parent company of Bumble stated. 

Andrey Andreev, who operates bumble, also operates Badoo which is one other dating app with the feature of video-calling. These apps were consolidated by Andreev along with Lumer and Chappy and into a Magic Lab, which is a new holding group with plans to invest in the latest technology to “bring people together”.

As per latest news, Bumble has been consistent with delivering quality updates and features that enhance the user’s experience. A few months ago, Bumble announced: “Private Detector”, an Artificial Intelligence feature, which analyzes a picture that is sent in chat and let the other user know if there is anything “explicit” in the picture or not. Bumble is also taking care of the privacy of its users parallelly. The company stated that all the videos and voice contents will be deleted immediately and the Bumble won’t archive it.

Since it is always better to have a virtual face-to-face conversation rather than going on dates blindly, this feature just took the notch up a bit. Videos have made their way into the dating world apps like Hinge, Tinder, and Badoo; maybe not in the personal chats yet. It is greatly useful to save people from first bad dates but every technology can be abused by the bad ones to exploit the privilege and cross the lines. Shouldn’t we all deserve to date safe and healthy?

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