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Burger King giving away free kids meals amid Coronavirus outbreak

Burger King gives 2 free meals to kids amid corona outbreak

In times of crisis, even small efforts go a long way. Here we are talking about the noble initiative taken by none other than the popular fast-food chain store, Burger King. As schools are getting shuttered and closed increasingly with every passing day, it gets more and more difficult for kids to have food. The kids that depended on schools for their meals have been hit the hardest.

It was in keeping with the same goodwill effort that the company is giving away free meals to children. The store gives 2 free meals for kids at one time. Thus, as per the initiative, whenever you buy an adult meal using the company’s app, the company will automatically deliver 2 kids’ meals along with the adult meal free of cost. The service will start from the next week and will continue till the stock lasts.

From Monday to Friday, these children rely to a significant extent on school for their dietary needs, which includes their lunch as well. There has been a tremendous effect on kids as a result of all the school shutdownsdue to COVID 19. José Cil, CEO of Burger King, Popeyes, and Tim Hortons’ parent company Restaurant Brands International expressed his concerns over the problem that is seen to be worsening every passing day.

Governments all over the world are spreading the word about reduced contact, little or no socializing, staying at homes, and keeping up with the good spirit to tackle this state of emergency. And private holdings like these chain stores are doing their bit in their ways. The stores have been working to encourage the need to have a limited contact method even in the picking up of foodstuff from them. After all, a host of people are in regular contact with these stores.

Of course, prevention is better than cure. The chain store believes that their food counters and stores plus restaurants have an increasingly important role in feeding their nation so that the people do not starve while a lockdown is in effect. On Tuesday, Burger King tweeted, “So whether you’re ordering at BK or elsewhere, use minimum-contact methods like drive-thrus, pick up or delivery.”

The safety of employees should also be an important concern, nevertheless. It is pertinent to note that despite the orders of having a lockdown and shelter in place, many companies had been ordering their employees to show up on the site which included those employees who are engaged in different stages of the production and supply process viz. production, testing, service, deliveries. 

Given that the Americans can’t easily get to the supermarkets to get groceries and other essentials of daily use, it has become pretty much difficult for them to be fed. As such, the role of restaurants and food chain stores becomes one of paramount importance. In the state, some restaurants are planning to serve the people through ready-made lunches.

These restaurants are willing to provide lunches for an affordable price. On the sunny side, some stores are willing to distribute food packages on a pay-what-you-can model for people who cannot afford the food otherwise.

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