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Burger King Introduces a 100% Vegetarian Whopper in Japan, Albeit for a Limited Period

Burger King introduces a 100% vegetarian Whopper in Japan, albeit for a limited period

Vegetarian food is quite hard to locate in many western nations, but people still manage to find something or the other prepared out of plant-based material. However, finding completely vegetarian food could be equivalent to finding water in a desert when we talk about Japan. However, Burger King has sorted out this issue, at least for a limited time period, by bringing in a completely vegetarian or plant-based Whopper on its menu.

The food-chain specializing in hamburgers has made a revelation that it has been experimenting with vegetable-based patties for almost a couple of years now by trying out various permutations and combinations. Finally, they got the desired taste, which they wanted by including onion, tomatoes, lettuce, and pickle on a patty completely made out of veggies and grilled over a flame.

The whopper is being topped up with sauce and mayonnaise, having a creamy texture and flavor. The entire vegetable patty and the other items listed above are placed between two sesame buns toasted with butter. Hamburger fans would love the complete vegetarian burger since it contains the exclusive smoky Burger King Flavor. It is prepared on an open-grill flame, like the remaining Burger King hamburgers.

Apart from the smoky taste, this patty differs in taste compared to the meat-based one since it uses soybeans.

This 100% vegetarian burger would hit the Burger King menus from December 11. However, this is not here to last forever and would be available only for a short while till stocks last. The standalone whopper would cost about 590 yen, or $5.65. If a customer wishes to pair it up with french fries (medium size) and a beverage, the entire thing would cost 890 yen. 

That is not the first time Burger King in Japan has brought about a limited-time offer. A few months back, the food chain had included a “Fake Burger,” which was something no one would have never imagined. The fake burger was made by stuffing french fries with burger buns and topped with a meat-flavored sauce. This dish instantly hit it off with many Burger King fans. 

Then sometime last month, the fast-food chain introduced a bunless burger, a dish which no one could think of because one cannot imagine a burger without buns. Referred to as the “Extreme One Pound Beef Burger,” this one came packed in calories as well as size. But more than anything, it attracted a lot of attention as it was being called a burger with no buns, so people were quite excited to try it out. Moreover, the taste of the burger left beef-lovers satisfied and content. Hence, the dish became quite a hit.

Going by these limited-time dishes within Burger King that have awakened the taste buds of many, people would again be waiting to try out this completely vegetarian dish, which could impress even meat lovers. Presently, Burger King in Japan helps out its customers by locating an apartment near their restaurant outlet. It has opened a rental website for the same, which could help potential burger lovers to locate a house near their outlet.

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