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Byte, a successor of Vine, makes its way into iOS and Android

Byte is available now on Android and iOS

Vine was a short-form video showcasing platform that was founded sometime in June 2012. However, after a few years, it was discontinued sometime towards the end of 2016. The main reason was that there were many other competitors that started hosting short-form videos on their respective platforms. Then later on, sometime during December 2017, Dom Hoffman, co-founder of Vine, had made an announcement that they are working towards creating a successor of Vine, which in any way would not be affiliated with Twitter.

Now, Hoffman has made a statement that Vine’s successor, called Byte, is already out and it has already made its way into iOS and Android. Byte allows video-shooting and then uploading the same video on its platform. It also allows the sharing of six-second videos. For some time now, Byte has been on the beta testing phase.

Features of Byte
Byte brings along with it a few subtle features like a feed, Explore page, notifications, and profiles. Although, at present, features like the remix ability, augmented reality filters, transition effects that are available in the TikTok app are absent in Byte.

What does it offer?
Byte is an app that would definitely allow content-creators to make more money, and this is where exactly it differs from apps like TikTok and the others, feels Hoffman. Currently, plans are on to launch a pilot project with Byte’s partners in a bid to offer various money-making options to those people who are quite popular on the platform.

Hoffman was questioned on whether there are any plans of offering any kind of ad revenue sharing, tipping or any such options to its partners. In response, Hoffman has stated that they are definitely considering these options. However, they would like to begin the program by means of revenue shares along with supplementing. Details of the pilot program should evolve as and when it starts.

There are many content creators who have become quite famous on popular video-making apps like TikTok and Snapchat. However, due to the lack of any options for increasing their financial income, they began to attract their audiences to YouTube, where they are guaranteed a steady income. This is the catch that Byte is looking out for. It plans to attract some dancers, comedians, pranksters and various such artists by paying them early and giving them multiple choices for making money. In fact, a few TikTok stars like Chris Melberger, Joshdarnit, and Lance Stewart are already on board Byte.

Hoffman also plans to stay in touch with all of Byte’s loyal users. In fact, he had created a Byte forum from the time the app entered the beta testing phase. Hoffman states that being a part of such a forum would always give an idea regarding the functionalities and updates that could be implemented in the application. He wrote that “It’s always a bummer when the people behind online services and the people that actually use them are disconnected from one another, so we’re trying out these forums to see if we can do a better job at that.”

Now, one really has to wait and watch whether Byte would be successful in its run. Considering that there are apps like TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram and many more which are based on similar lines, one would actually wonder whether they would require another app likewise. Creators looking out to attain fame have many such apps in which they can try making money. Hoffman might have to go an extra mile here in collecting people who have fond memories of Vine and ask them to come onboard Byte so that it becomes quite popular like its predecessor.

Image Source: The Verge

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