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Canon to Launch PowerShot Zoom: Small Camera with Explicit Zooming Ability

Canon to launch PowerShot Zoom-a small camera with lovely zooming ability

Canon has revealed its plans of bringing the PowerShot Zoom camera onboard. Although this one is a camera and captures lovely photos, it functions like a monocular. Wherein distant objects are zoomed before they are photographed. As a result, the images captured seem to be quite nearby, even though they are distant. 

Canon has been quite vocal about an idea of this sort for quite some time now. Not too long ago, the company raised funds for this device in Japan and launched it over there last month. Now, Canon is planning on bringing the PowerShot Zoom to the US also. 

All about the PowerShot Zoom and how it works

The PowerShot Zoom camera is very small and compact. It can be considered as a miniature telescope as it works on zooming faraway objects. The camera comes with a viewfinder lens, in which the area to be captured is precisely being focused upon by the device. Apart from this, it comes with a sensor measuring ⅓ inches and size and having a resolution of 12-megapixels.

The camera comes with a completely telephoto lens, whose focal length can be moved between 100mm and 400mm. This lens’s focal length can be extended up to even 800mm when the digital zooming feature comes into play. 

This camera is not appropriate for capturing selfies. The aperture of this lens is pretty small, about f/5.6-6.3. Hence, it is not very wise to use this camera when the lighting is not that great. Its best functionality will come out only when used in an area where there is good light. In other words, the camera does not pay a lot of attention to image quality.

For people owning high-quality smartphones with a lovely camera, they need not worry much about the camera’s lighting factor as the phone can always work as a good camera during such times. All or most of the smartphones coming in from the Galaxy, iPhone, and the Pixel lineup are blessed with the wide-angle feature, and they can also capture decent snaps where the lighting factor is not that great. 

The problem with these phones is the telephoto feature. Their slim built cannot accommodate lenses that are quite lengthy. Moreover, there is a limit on the zooming capacity of the lenses that are equipped with phones. 

Now, let us come to the PowerShot Zoom camera. When the focal length of its lens is set to 100mm, it works equivalent to the phone camera lens being zoomed four times. Likewise, when the PowerShot Zoom lens’s focal length is 400mm, it is equivalent to the phone camera lens being zoomed to 16 times its original size. However, the PowerShot Zoom camera can be moved between different focal lengths simply by pressing a button. 

The PowerShot Zoom camera lens can also have a focal length of 800mm with the aid of a digital zooming feature. Although the photo quality may not be that great, it can be useful at times. 

Canon claims that people who plan outdoor activities and trips would enjoy it if this device is taken along. The camera is well-suited to capture beautiful pictures during any hiking trips. Birdwatchers would love to capture moments of their favorite and rare birds through the PowerShot Zoom. Additionally, if anyone is planning to view a live sporting event like the Olympic Games, this camera would be really useful. 

A USB-C port has been embedded on the device to promote its charging. The camera also comes with a microSD card, which stores all the pictures and videos captured by the device. Users looking out to transfer the media items from the camera to their smartphones may do so with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The PowerShot Zoom camera is expected to make an appearance in the US sometime late next month. Its price would be $299.99.

Image source: TheVerge

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