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Captain America Themed Skin Added in the Fortnite Store

The Fortnite team has informed through an official notification on the Epic Games Fortnite news web page that a new item is being added to the Item shop for users to add to their carts. The new addition is none other than the First Avenger, Captain America. 

It is not the first time that Captain America would be accessible to the players of Fortnite, but it would be the first time that players can buy the item indefinitely. The package includes two items per se, one being his Proto-Adamantium Pickaxe and the other being the Back Bling. Many players would be proud to wear the shield on their back, given its Captain America, we are talking about here.

Earlier, Captain America’s shield has appeared in the game under the avengers themed mode wherein players could wear it for a limited period. With the new shop item, users can buy the whole package and wear it whenever they want.

Epic Games has made the Captain America comic themed skin along with shield available for all players, at 2000 V bucks, or that would amount to around $20 in real. It will be available for all players as the latest addition to the free to play battle royale game Fortnite.

The addition of the Captain America skin and the shield is not all added to Fortnite. Along with this, a firework emote, which is also based on Captain American theme itself, has also been added to the store. It could be a fun adventure for players, given if they are planning on the celebration of the 4th of July or the U.S. Independence Day this Saturday, on Fortnite Island. Again, this add-on is available for 300 V bucks to all players.

Even though the Captain America comic themed skin is the new attraction in Fortnite right now, it has had a long history of offering such skins. Deadpool was a significant part of the last season’s battle pass session, and as rumors suggest, Aquaman is expected to be a part of the upcoming season’s battle pass session.

Epic games have always been offering similar comic themed skins, including Marvel’s Black Widow and Star-Lord, which was a part of the crossover between Avengers and X-force. Players have enjoyed such additions and updates to the store and the game in the past, giving them more to experiment with. It is expected that Captain America comic themed skin and shield will also be taken up as enthusiastically by them.

The details of how one could use it aren’t very clear as of now, whether the shield functions in both ways where Cap could take it off and remove it as well. The description in the store doesn’t mention these details very clearly. When users start buying the package, this will become much more clearer, but it is still a great deal for 2000 V bucks as it adds a new element to the game.

Image source: TheVerge

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