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Air conditioners caught fire: Two big companies already started to recall 5800+ heat pumps

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Apparently, Carrier recalled more than 5800 heat pumps from the United States, Canada on Thursday due to a case of the heat pumps catching fire. The heat pumps were manufactured in 2015 and were sold in April with a price tag of $600-$4000. The recent complaint of the heat pump catching fire caused a lot of trouble due to which the company was forced to recall all the units sold since 2015 in the above-mentioned countries. Along with that, the units sold under the name of Carrier-Bryant are also being said to be recalled by the company.

“The fan motor on the heat pumps can fail, causing units to overheat, posing a fire hazard” stated the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

As per the sources, the heat pumps sold by Carrier with the model numbers stated below are advised to be returned soon to the company: 38MGQC18—3, 38MGQF48—3 and 38MBQB48—3. The model numbers for the heat pumps sold by Bryant are 538TEQ018RCMA, 538TEQ048RFMA, and 538REQ048RBMA.

Carrier has already advised the customers to consult for a free repair of the units from the retailer who sold it to them. Apart from that, the customers are advised to take certain precautions such as keeping the units away from anything flammable, even plants should not be kept anywhere near the unit. Plants, releasing oxygen, can prove to be fatal to the units and can create a hazardous fire.

The heat units when found to be the default, were forced by the Product Safety Australia to recall around 11 models of Carrier. Though the company has already recalled the units, the customers need to be advised to not operate the air conditioner till the heat pump is repaired or till a replacement has been made.

The sudden breakdown of the heat pumps has affected the companies a lot, as the contract with Bunnings may get affected by this incident. This is not the first time, an electronic device has been affected in this way. Recently, Samsung had to face a similar situation when the washing machines were found to be faulty and resulted in a fire. The company had to recall all the units immediately. In the case of Carrier, at least the company has the option to repair the heat pumps and give it back to the customers, Samsung does not even have the option of repairing even for free. The company had been advised to dispose of the washing machines as soon as possible and that the customers should get a refund.

No doubt, Carrier and Bryant would be facing a financial crisis for the time being and would have to repair the heat pumps as soon as possible else it might affect the contracts that the company might be having. Meanwhile, PSA or Product Safety Australia has stated that the units sold in the sale from 1st of November 2013, should be returned and the customers should ask for a free repair from the retailers.

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