Casio Launches new NASA Themed G-Shock Watch with a Space Shuttle Style

On the off chance, you are a person who is in love with space and exploration. This news will come as a delight to you. Recently, Casio has announced the launch of a G-Shock watch that will blow your mind with its space exploration theme. The watch is like a salute to NASA and will build your enthusiasm for the unknown. The company knows that there are many people obsessed with the unexplored and unlimited universe with the Apollo Mission, return to the moon and so many expeditions going on.

The new design of the G-Shock watch will surely take you to the world of NASA, because of how unique it is. The Casio Company has come up with a limited version of DW5600NASA20 and is like a love poignant to NASA. The design will remind you of the ’70s and ‘80s era of space exploration with the worm-like logo of NASA printed on it. The white body gives it the touch and feel of a space shuttle that will take you back to the memories when Neil Armstrong became the first man to step on the moon.

But the design is not all that the watch has to offer. The Casio Company has also paid a lot of attention to the other features of the watch, such as the EL backlight. This backlight is more like a hidden touch to the watch because when viewed in the dark, the background will display you the moon glowing in the dark in all its glory. This touch necessarily gives the watch the pizazz and edge everyone was looking for. 

The design is unique, but customers will find it more enthusiastic to know that the packaging of the watch is also not subtle. The watch will come in a tin like a special package that resembles the American Spacecraft as showcased in the Saturn V Rocket. Now that is something to be wowed at. The Casio Company has surely not left a single ‘asteroid’ unturned while designing and manufacturing the NASA themed G-Shock watch.

The journey towards making a NASA themed watch, however, hasn’t been that easy for the Casio Company. According to the policies of NASA, any merchandise or product that indicates to be developed in partnership, joint development or any other official endorsement is forbidden. Therefore, the Casio Company has showcased the logo of NASA on the front of the watch and printed their logo in the tiniest way at the back. That is as far as a company could go to market itself.

The NASA themed watch is available in the store for $130, but the main hurdle for its customers will be to get their hands on it. The first batch of the watch has already become sold out, and the Casio Company is working on its second batch which according to reports is all set to be available from the 6th of May, 2020. The best part of buying the watch is the fact that most space-themed watches come at a heavy price of thousands of dollars. But the Casio Company has a G-Shock watch that is much more affordable than that.

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