Felix, the Cat in recovery after 35 minutes of tumbling in Washing Machine

Cat survives a wash cycle in a washing machine Image

It was almost after 35 minutes when Carroll Kirchoff opened the door of washing machine and found that she might have locked one of her three cats, Felix in the washing machine itself. She found the cat was wrapped in a towel, and was in pretty bad condition with his lungs filled with water.

As much goose bumps as it is giving it to animal lovers right now, the owner of the cat, Carroll Kirchoff said it was absolutely horrific and she rushed her pet to the Animal Emergency and Referral Centre of Minnesota in Oakdale. Upon arriving to the veteran, Felix had already lost his vision, developed pneumonia and suffered a concussion,

While it seems to be pretty hard for Felix to regain his original health anytime soon, but he is pretty determined to make a complete recovery. He still needs oxygen support to help with breathe and is currently on antibiotics. He has although recovered his sight and can see again and he is also eating more now. Such a relief! 

According to Carroll Kirchoff, she was apparently looking the other side, busy in folding clothes when Felix might have had snuck into the washing machine. She said that she was absolutely horrific and the most traumatic experience which will haunt her for the rest of her life. She also has not been able to sleep since that incident happened.

As Felix reached the vet, he was in critical condition and was placed with an oxygen support system as his lungs are filled with fluid. The cat may need to be kept in the oxygen chamber for 24 hours, which costs about $1,000 per day. In order to continue Felix’s treatment, the owner needs to pay $3,000. The total cost for treatment is estimated to be $15,000.

Carroll Kirchoff said that she would do anything she can for him to stay alive because she feels that she kind of owe it to him after what he has been through. Since Carroll Kirchoff does not have pet insurance, it is getting a little difficult for them to manage the finance. Carroll Krichoff’s daughter, Asha has set up a Gofundme account to help pay for the vet’s bills. The Gofundme page has raised $11,370 of its $15,000 target. 

As per the reports, the family has three cats- one of them being Felix and the other two are Nala and Bleu. Carroll Kirchoff describes Felix as her favorite cat that she has met –

“doglike, almost super attached to his humans, a darling, cuddly, curious sweetheart of a cat. He is an amazing companion, and would sit in my lap every day as I worked from home while visiting.” She also added that “The personality on this guy is … it’s one of a kind. He’s lovable, but he does get himself into trouble.”

Carroll Kirchoff has apparently volunteered at a wildlife rehab center. She says “After this has happened, I’m going to find a way to give back. It’s given me a reason to fight harder for animals and their well-being.”

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