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China prepares against Corona-virus with drones

China prepares against Coronavirus with drones

China is deploying spy drones and delivery drones to strengthen its fight against Corona-virus. China has added another feather to the application grounds of its security and surveillance. To contain the world’s biggest outbreak, an outbreak which has never seen any parallels before, China has attempted to erect technology against the deadly disease.

The South China Morning Post had reported that the country was “surveying, mapping and delivery drones to enforce the world’s biggest quarantine and to contain the Corona-virus outbreak” on March 5.


China has been a world-class manufacturer of drones, and there is hardly any dearth of drones in the country. A huge majority of the total drones are built-in Shenzhen which is the electronics hub of the country, Which supplies around 70 per cent of the total civilian drones in the country. These have been used in the industrial arena. Now, they will be working for the masses in the difficult times of such a crisis. The govt is adapting the industrial drones. To keep residents inside the homes and indoors. The drones will come in very handy when it comes to managing a crowd of tens of millions. The speed of delivery shall be enhanced to a significant extent.

Moreover, the vehicles are equipped with thermal sensors, high-definition zoom lenses, loudspeakers and chemical spray jets. All these are needed. The virus has affected over 95,000 people and has been spreading at a rapid scale throughout the world. The World Health Organization reports that the disease has claimed over 3200 lives till now. The induction of drones in the public health system means that the contact between samples and health staff could be minimized.

The companies that are supplying these drones in demand could not have seen their gains this better. On being asked, one of the companies replied that It’s an excellent catalyst for the company’s development that will fast-track the growth. Each of these drones can take upon the task of surveillance officials and help in better enforcement. The number and cost of patrolling vehicles of officials will also be cut. The inclusion of drones in surveillance operations is a very wise move.

Local authorities in China have shot up their demands of the vehicles, and the companies are targeted to provide for them at large scale. This industry is sure to see a huge boost with many companies aiming to double the pace of the production. The inclusion of drones as a primary surveillance asset in disease-affected areas is something that has the potential to yield enormous benefits.

COVID-19, which is a global public health emergency, needs a lot of technological intervention to help fight the disease and its after-effects. Since we have had the launch of this first-time air transportation channel to combat the novel Corona-virus, the situation has begun to show a silver lining. The network’s RA3 and tr7s drones and unmanned RH1 station are employed currently.

The drones help in easy collection of medical samples, and quarantine staff can be reached with the least level of risk between the hospitals and the disease control center. With the inclusion of drones in the public health system, the efficiency of transport has increased by more than 50 per cent as compared to road transport. The drone transport services have seen a steady rise.

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