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Chinese car company, Geely to deliver car keys via drones

Chinese car company, Geely to deliver car keys via drones

The Chinese carmaker company, which is the parent company of Volvo and Lotus, has decided to deliver the keys to its new customers through the help of drones. It is going to be an amazing example of contact-less delivery.

The delivery will also include cars being disinfected first of all. It acts as the primary safety effort before going on to deliver the keys through drones. It seems that the carmaker is too serious about the safety and health of its customers, which is always a positive sign to behold. 

The good thing about this initiative is that it would eliminate the buyer’s need to come to a site to pick the keys up. The keys will be reaching to the buyers at their homes or balconies when the drones drop those off. The effort points out to a major effort in the wake of the Coronavirus crisis by the carmaker to deliver something as important as the car keys of its new consumers.

Geely has been engaged in the sale of its vehicles to China’s buyers through its online marketplace since February. A section of these delivery efforts pertains to give the cars to customers amid full safety measures, which also includes the cars being disinfected before they arrive at the buyer’s homes.

Geely has been particular about its buyers’ health and safety earlier as well. It had put in the N- 95 air filtration system in its cars. The company has had a history of making cars that work wonders in an environment that is marred with a wide variety of pollution. Its Icon SUV was announced to have the N 95 rated air filtration certification. It should be noted the same certified rating is seen in the case of pollution masks, which have become the norm rather than an exception.

“The new system will now use drones in select locations to pass new car keys to the consumers by delivering directly to their door or balcony, furthering the distance between staff and consumer and creating a truly contactless process,” the automaker explained in a statement.

The company to date has successfully delivered 10,000 vehicles. All those business deals that had to be shuttered off online have been given to the local dealers of the company. These dealers are responsible for disinfecting the vehicles prior to dropping them off at their respective buyers’ homes.

Its air purification system, called Intelligent Air Purification System (IAPS), that is N 95 certified was made in record time after the outbreak appeared and crashed everywhere engulfing all areas like a volcanic eruption. It is a very efficient air purifier system and certified at a global level. Such a system, which is commonly called IAPS or N 95 filters helps to isolate and eliminate harmful particles in the cabin air. This system got 30,000 takers as pre-orders even before it was introduced.

Thus, harmful microbes like bacteria, protozoa, and viruses are done away with. The company has had a shining history of including strong filtration systems in its automobiles. It appears like a vehicle that fights coronavirus. And now that the company has tightened its grip over safety by employing drones, the customers can feel relaxed as well as assured more than ever. The disinfection means that dealers should train the workers. It is not clear if both the companies Volvo or Lotus will be seeing the benefits in their sales, if any.

It is a difficult time for carmakers and dealerships as they are being pushed to come up with new and innovative models to sell the products. The sales have seen a drastic slump with no progress in sight. The use of unconventional ways is the new convention. Volvo seems to go for the use of an app to help people pick a car. And, just like Apple did, even Polestar has decided to come up with retail spaces to push its sales.

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