Chipotle Among others, set to hire thousands in coming months

Coronavirus has dimmed down many economies around the world, but businesses seem to be bouncing back from the loss that they have faced during the lockdown. Many, including Chipotle, are now looking towards hiring new employees as the sales are going up. 

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc has recently announced that their sales have gone up, and in the next coming months, around 10000 employees will be hired by them. The target is set to be completed very soon by the company. 

Out of the 10000 employees Chipotle planned to hire earlier, 8000 have already been hired by them in a major hiring spree in May. The next hiring session will be held soon to complete the target and fill the empty spots that have opened up in the wake of increased sales. 

Additionally, Chief Diversity, Inclusion, and People Officer Marissa Andrada have informed in one of her statements that they are looking towards hiring another 10000 as they move towards the hiring season. Officially no news has come from the company that they would be doing so, but the already 85000 people employing it are surely looking to fill up some spots.

Chipotle has seen good days despite the global pandemic. The shares of the company have gone up by 30% this year, and it was planned that their career website would have a new face. It was a decision made before the pandemic hit the world, but the plan is still in motion, and the career website would be up this week.

Many other retailers and fast-food chains are adding people to the team despite a global recession period forming up. Fast food giants like McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Starbucks, etc. are now getting back to the sales numbers they had earlier, which has led them to hire more people every day. The profiles go on from chefs to cashiers.

Many brands have closed down underperforming units because of the loss that has been suffered by them during the lockdown. Dunkin Brands is one of them, but it is also surprising that they are still looking forward to hiring 25000 people despite the closing units. That includes restaurant employees and front counter personnel. 

Many Americans have lost their jobs during the pandemic, but they were aided through a federal plan that gave $600 per week to many of them. The progress of the economy is still slow as everything is slowly opening up again. Rehiring wasn’t seen much during the past few months, but the end of July saw many jobs opening up. 

The hospitality industry is currently the one that has been hit hardest by the pandemic. Nearly 12.3 million people working in bars and restaurants lost their jobs in March when the lockdown was imposed. 

Many restaurant chains like Applebee’s, Taco Bell, and more struggled themselves to find suitable employees during the pandemic. Still, now that unemployment benefits will expire soon, positions have opened up for willing candidates. 

Papa Johns is another brand looking for nearly 25000 thousand employees, especially delivery personnel. More fast-food chains have similar positions open now.

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