Chipotle Plans to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a Free Queso Blanco

Chipotle is planning to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with fun and frolic. The amazing offer giving freebies away starts this May 5. After all, is there a better way to celebrate the day than to have some super delicious Queso Blanco for absolutely free? We guess not!

Yes, you heard it right. The festive season is around the corner, and all it asks is what you have planned for it this time. But, with Chipotle Mexican Grill planning to bring a fun element to a rather mundane set of days or perhaps months, there is absolutely no reason why you should fret.

The free delicacy would be awarded every time a customer makes an entrée on May 5. The transaction can be done through the Chipotle app or the website All a user has got to do is to use a promo code QUESO55 during the checkout, and while he or she purchases an item from the provided list, they stand a chance to receive a free Queso Blanco.

For making the celebration even more entertaining and engaging to its customers and fans, the food chain store has come up with an amazing way to garner attention. And that is through the popular social media app, TikTok. The company has started a hashtag which is called #ChipotleSponsorMe. In that, Chipotle has named a digital star as the judge and jury.

This judge is none other than the popular online celebrity as well as Chipotle superfan David Dobrik. Thus, it will be a fun-filled competition where a set of 5 best entries of fans would stand a chance at winning the prestigious and the most honourable…. well, no prizes for guessing… the Chipotle celebrity card! That was not an exaggeration, just a fandom of sorts!

Right now, that spot is occupied by few celebs, influencers and experts but common folk will be getting a straight ticket to stardom with this event. All you have to do to feature in their top 5 fans is to display why Chipotle on TikTok should sponsor them. Once they come up with interesting videos showcasing the same, the entries would be shortlisted.

Finally, the five best entries would be welcomed into the club. The elite club has a very limited pool of people currently. For instance, there are brand super fans who are celebrities, influencers and athletes. This elite group of brand fans enjoys Chipotle’s sponsorship to the fullest. After the results are out, we will be getting newer entrants as well. Who knows one of them might as well be you!

The company is also giving free delivery offers on any order which is placed for $ 10 or more using the Chipotle app and It is reported that the offer will be valid till May 10 and will start on April 30. The maximum amount is 200 dollars, while the minimum order should be priced at 10 dollars.

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