Chipotle to Offer Free GUAC to Rewards Program Members

National Avocado Day is coming up on July 31, and fast food giants like Chipotle are gearing up to celebrate fully. In light of the celebration, Chipotle Mexican Grill has announced that all the members under the Chipotle Rewards Members program will have a chance to grab an entrée with free guac through the promotion. 

Non-members shouldn’t feel too bad about it because anyone can join the rewards program until July 30 to be later a part of the reward program and the promotional offer. On asking about the offer, Chief marketing Office, Chris Brandt says that “National Avocado Day has become a holiday synonymous with Chipotle’s fresh, hand-mashed guac without the extra cost,” He adds to this by explaining the offer that fans will have to guess their way to free guac for a year.

The promotional offer for Avocado Day is being called as the ‘Unlock the Guac challenge’ by Chipotle. Six accounts have been created under the rewards program for all the ingredients that go into a guac recipe. All the fans will be challenged here to guess the password of the account. Whoever can do so will have a free guac offer pre-loaded into that account. 

All the interested fans can guess the password and text it on the number that has been specified by the brand. If guessed right, the ownership of the account for which the password was guessed right, will go to that person along with 52 free guac rewards. Clues for the passwords will be shared within two days, July 29 and 30, through the brand’s social media channels. The username of the accounts will be shared similarly. 

Chipotle has always been successful in making a big deal about the National Avocado Day, and it only makes good sense for them. Every year 4 million cases of avocados are purchased by them alone, across U.S., Canada, and Europe. In 2019, it was the biggest Avocado day ever celebrated as the brand had been able to serve 802,000 sides of guac. 

Chipotle rewards members should feel lucky this avocado day with the offers coming their way. For every $1 spent at the restaurant, 10 points are added to their account. On top of that, the offer of giving free guac for a year will be cherry on top. 

All 15 million members of the loyalty program can celebrate the National Avocado day with Chipotle by getting free guac with every entrée they order. The six accounts offer added to that is a benefit for anyone who can guess the password. 

For all the excited customers of Chipotle Mexican Grill, this is going to be an opportunity to make good use of the marketing efforts put in by Chipotle every year for the fresh ingredients they stand for.

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