Chrome’s ‘Fast page’ Label Helps in Locating Fast Loading Sites

A new Web Vitals metric feature will be available in the latest Google Chrome 85 beta version. With this latest feature, one can make out which websites would take ages to load and which ones load faster. The latest metric would assign a “Fast page” label to those links or URLs “that have historically met or exceeded all metrics thresholds for the Core Web Vitals,” writes Google in its blog post. Usually, links that are labeled as fast have generally been so for most users. 

A “Fast page” label can be encountered on the context menu of the link that has been labeled as such. It appears when a user long-presses on the said link. Right now, this feature is available on Chrome for Android with the version, as stated above. The functionality has just started rolling out; however, Android users can manually enable this feature by visiting Chrome://flags and then selecting the “Context menu performance info and remote hint fetching.”

Google hopes that this feature would aid those users with slow and weak network connections. Chances are pretty high that a “fast page” would rank high in the Google search results. By checking which websites load faster, users can get an idea on which page to open from the search results. Google has also stated that it would be considering the “Core Web Vitals metrics” of a particular page before highlighting the same in the search results. Eventually, the pages that rank better in this particular metric would be given top consideration to feature the search results. 

Google has also revealed that it plans to explore labeling functionality in various other sections of the Chrome UI in the future. 

Google stated in its blog post that “The changes that site owners make to improve on these aspects work towards making the web more delightful for users across all web browsers. Investing in these critical user-centric metrics helps to drive usability improvements for users and helps businesses see increased engagement.”

The tech giant had unveiled the Web Vitals feature in May this year. It wanted its users to know which websites have a better loading performance so that they can make the appropriate choice of a web page depending on their internet speed and connectivity. 

Even website owners and developers benefit from this feature as they can get a group of metrics that help them improve the speed of their websites. Google has stated that it has updated its developer tools, which would enable the developers to make changes as per the Web Vitals standards. Ultimately, web pages can be made to load faster by making use of these metrics. And the users would always be happy to see fast-loading webpages.

Previously, Google launched the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) format, which made the mobile web pages load faster. However, it looks like this latest feature would also enable the same cause. 

Alphabet, Google’s parent organization, makes a lot of money from the search feature. Although Alphabet Inc has seen a dip in its revenues lately, the search functionality brought in the company a revenue of $21.3 billion out of its total revenue of $38.3 billion during the second quarter of 2020.

Image source: Engadget

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