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Citra, the Nintendo 3DS Emulator, can now save the Game State in the Android APK

Citra, the Nintendo 3DS emulator, can now save the game state in the Android APK

Citra, the first emulator, developed by the Citra team for the Nintendo 3DS game, launched the save state functionality for the game’s desktop version this year. Post a month after this launch. The Citra emulator was available for Android devices too. The save state feature requires a lot of space apart from being a delicate functionality to develop. Thus, the development team took a while to get this functionality working in the emulator’s Android version.

When did the Citra emulator arrive on Android?

Sometime during May this year, the Citra emulator popped its way into Android devices, after being on the desktop for a long time. It left many wondering that it would be great to play their favorite Nintendo games on Android devices. When the emulator arrived on Android devices, games such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Mario Kart 7, Pokemon X/Y, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Fire Emblem: Fates, Super Mario 3D Land were being tested on various Android phones. 

At that time, a few performance issues were encountered as the Citra emulator made its way into Android devices for the first time. For instance, it was observed that when the audio stretching was disabled, the performance of the game improved a bit. Moreover, during that time, Citra on Android did not have this save state feature, which existed on desktop devices for quite some time.

Now, it looks like we won’t have to wait further. Just as the app recorded about half a million downloads, Citra has made an announcement that the save states feature would be present in the upcoming Android build. 

The following message was posted on the Twitter handle of the Citra team:

“Are you having trouble catching shinies in your favorite Pokémon games, or having trouble beating a tough boss? Well, do we have some great news for you!

Save States are now available in Citra Android!”

Contrary to the normal game save functionality, this ‘Save States’ feature records a snapshot of the emulator at any point in time. It includes almost everything – the complete RAM, the state of the CPU during that particular time, and the GPU state. All of these details are collected and stored in a huge file. The major benefit of this functionality is that the game’s state can be saved anytime, even if the game does not permit it. Also, when a save state is accessed, there is hardly any startup time available since one needs not to have to go through all of the usual menus all over again before resuming the game. 

However, it is very important to make a note here. Save states are not as reliable when compared to the in-built saving mechanism within the game. Therefore, it is always better that one does not depend on this functionality to save the game state. 

Apart from the save state feature, the latest Citra version also encompasses a few resolved issues from the previous versions. It also brings about a few updated features and upgradations. The latest Citra version of the Nintendo 3DS emulator is available for download on the Play Store and APK Mirror.

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