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Classic Version of Google Groups all Set to Bid Goodbye

The classic version of Google Groups all set to bid goodbye

For those who are unaware, Google Groups started getting a new look sometime during March. In September, Google went ahead with finalizing the newly designed GUI for Google Groups as the default one. However, users still had the option of going back to the classic Google Groups interface if they preferred the earlier one more. However, Google now intends on completely erasing out the classic version of the interface. Reportedly, the newly designed Google Groups interface would be the only one that would be available to users. 

The latest decision taken by Google was updated within the Google Workspace Updates blog. The tech giant feels that the newly developed interface of Google Groups would be providing users with modern experiences that would be on par with services like Gmail and many others. The “Return to Classic Google Groups” option within the ‘Settings’ section would be on the road for its removal from November 2nd onwards. The complete removal process is expected to be completed in about three days.

What does the new interface of Google Groups look like?

Back in September, it was reported that Google Groups is all set to undergo a “material design revamp.” 

Starting on September 15th, this new interface went on to become the default interface for Google Groups. 

The new interface of Google Groups is very much like that of Gmail and other Google services. However, additionally, this one has a few more features to offer. For instance, the latest design of Google Groups has all of its settings options located in a single location of the page. Additionally, this modern design consists of new functionalities concerning filtering and searching. These new features promote better searching and filtering features. 

Speaking of searching and filtering, Google has added the ‘Labels’ feature within the new interface. With this feature’s help, it becomes very simple to filter out and search for specific messages within a group. 

The new version of Google Groups also brings about the “Collaborative Inbox” feature, which will prove useful during those situations when all the group members are required to be a part of a complete mailing list. The collaborative inboxes would make it very easy for all the members within a group to view and reply to messages. 

All of the groups related to the user are put up on a single page. It becomes very easy for the user to access his groups. Moreover, subscriptions of group members and various permissions are made easily available in the latest Google Groups interface. The message threads within Google Groups are designed to be quite similar to that of Gmail. 

And finally, the new Google Groups interface comes with a completely new mobile interface. 

Once the old Google Groups interface is completely removed, only the new one is all set to remain. It is true even for those users who are holding personal accounts. Let us hope that eventually, all the users become well-acquainted with this latest Google Groups design.

Image source: Engadget

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