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Cleveland teen who cuts grass for the people who can’t, gifted a new lawn mower

Cleveland teen has been gifted a new lawn mower by Lowes store owner

A 13-year-old teen in Cleveland has been gifted a brand new lawn mower by the local Lowes store owner in the area, and it is not every day that you see something like this happening.

Gabriel Hutto is a 13-year-old living in Cleveland, Tennessee. He has been mowing lawns since the age of 11 for people around the area he lives in. Usually, his choice for a lawn mower is something he could get from a yard sale. Even though that had worked well for him, his lawn mowers seemed to be breaking down during work.

Only recently, Gabriel and his mother Crystal were planning to buy a $200 lawn mower from their local Lower store. Last week they visited the store so they could buy the lawn mower using the money Gabriel had saved up over time.

The store owner, Shanon Ingram, had agreed to give the family a good deal on the mower, but it wasn’t long before he recognized the boy’s passion for his work. Eventually, Ingram decided on gifting a $400 lawn mower to Gabriel and just couldn’t take his money after knowing how hard he works every morning.

The story came to light through a Facebook post by Ingram, which now has over 4000 shares. It also came to be known how Gabriel spent his morning mowing lawns for the past two years. He had made a business out of it and typically charged $20 for each of his visits. Some were done for free as well by him.

Gabriel also is very excited after having received the new lawn mower, and his mother has told that he cried tears of joy after leaving the store because of how excited he was. The new lawn mower has helped him get in more work, and typically he goes to 10-12 homes every week. He also said that his work picked up in the time of Covid-19, which is why he wanted to get a new lawn mower as soon as possible.

Hutto’s mom is very proud of her son and has told of how helpful he is as a person. She says, “when he’s not cutting grass he’s helping people out.” His new lawn mower also works better now and doesn’t break down like his earlier ones used to.

The name of one of the homeowners has been revealed, for whom Gabriel mows the lawn. Veronica Cheatham, the homeowner, calls Gabriel a source of inspiration and a young man with a lot of potentials and a great work ethic. She has a heart and blood condition, which is why she can’t mow the lawn herself and Gabriel comes in every two weeks to do it for her.

Many jobs and a riding lawn mower have come Gabriel’s way since the Facebook post by Ingram went viral. His mother is the point of contact for all potential customers, while everyone seems to be very proud of the boy.

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