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Clips Video Editor by Apple, adds Mouse and Touchpad Support for iPad

Clips Video Editor by Apple, adds mouse and touchpad support for iPad

Video editing tools and apps have become a trend now, especially in the world where YouTubers are earning more than most qualified professionals. Therefore to serve the needs of such users, Apple came up with its very own video editing app called the Clips. On its launch, the app could only edit videos with a few extra features and effects. But now the Company has launched a new update for it that enables users to use the app with a mouse, trackpad, and even a Bluetooth keyboard.

The use of the mouse, trackpad, and Bluetooth keyboard has made it a lot easier for video editors to edit their clips and mix and merge them with ease. As per the sources the update is only available for users that have an iPad with OS 13.4 and above. Not only the accessibility update, but the app has also been refurbished with some new features that will expand your creativity and let you use your brain to create some amazing and killer videos.

There are buttons available in the app, such as duplicate. The name itself is self-explanatory. If you use the ‘duplicate’ button, the video will be copied and will have a carbon copy created, including all the effects you have done on it. Later, you can use the duplicate button as per your wish and not risk losing the original video clip. There is also another button called the ‘split.’ The split option will cut or chop the video into parts wherever you select it. 

Not only these two features are prominent on the Clips Video editing app, but the Apple Company has also suggested that users can make stickers pop in and out of the screen, by using the stickers feature on a split clip of the video. 

The stickers feature one of the most sought after in the Clips Video Editing app, and according to the Apple Company, it gives them a quirky and a new outlook towards video editing. The Company has provided a lot of special stickers such as 11 stickers of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, who are the most popular Disney cartoon characters. They have also provided an updated 8-bit sticker in their new update of the app. The Clips Video Editor already had an 80’s arcade vibe genre stickers, and they have added a new Game Over Poster to it, which is being loved by users and used extensively.

Not just the Game Over poster, but they have also added a floral Springtime to their collection, which several teenage and adult women have loved. 

The Clips app was also at the receiving end of various criticisms by many of its users due to some stability issues and a few bugs here and there. The users have been leaving feedback as well as submitting support requests for quite some time now. It seems like Apple has finally paid heed to them and has also done several under the hood maintenance, such as fixing the performance and stability issue that was being faced by users. They have also fixed most of the bugs present in the app, and now the Clips Video Editor is working stable enough for almost all its users.

Still, there are new areas for improvements that a few users have already started to point out in the feedback and review section of the app in the app store. Apple has already responded to many of them, and also noted them down for sure to provide the users with those new features in their coming updates of the app.

What are the next steps for the app, and the new features that will be added by the Company to improve the performance and make it easier for users to edit their app is still unknown? On trying to get in touch with the Company, there was no immediate response from them related to the app. But the Clips Video Editing app has surely improved a lot with the new accessibility added to it.

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