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Command Your Car Through Voice Controls With New Nvidia AI For Autonomous Vehicles

Command Your Car Through Voice Controls With New Nvidia AI For Autonomous Vehicles

Now everyone is looking forward to self-driving vehicles and robotaxis. But generating such advanced technology requires more AI-powered technologies. We are already aware of Nvidia’s Orin system-on-a-chip platform, suitable for all the automated vehicles in the market. Recently Nvidia announced two new AI-driven technologies, namely Nvidia Drive Concierge and Drive Chauffeur, during its GTC Conference on Tuesday. They also announced that their Drive Hyperion 8 is ready for production.

Going into details of the latest driving technologies, Nvidia Drive Concierge comes with a voice assistant that helps in monitoring and auto parking. It is nothing but asking your car to valet park itself. The Drive Concierge can follow all the complex or simple voice commands and identify every passenger’s personalized voice as if everyone got their personal digital assistant. It will react proactively, like alerting the user if the camera detects any left behind purse or bag. While riding, the one’s equal cameras screen the motive force’s interest degree to inspire a drowsy motive force to take a spoil or nudge a distracted motive force’s eyes again to the street. In the dashboard, drivers will engage with a visible illustration of the virtual assistant constructed using ray-traced images and Nvidia’s newly introduced Omniverse Avatar technology. 

Nvidia claims the machine is wise enough to recollect elements together with loading zones, reachable spaces, hearthplace hydrants, sweeping road instances, and obstructions with concrete pillars or purchasing carts. It can manage parallel, perpendicular, and angled parking. Drivers may also be capable of summoning the automobile for pick up while it is time to hit the street again.

The next similar technology of Nvidia Drive AV tech is Drive Chauffeur AI-assisted software program for self-reliant riding. The equal Drive AV tech that powers the Chauffeur can also be used to energetic driving force-help systems for drivers who might act as an alternative pressure themselves. Nvidia says that this tech “relieves the human driver from the burden of controlling the vehicle and monitoring the surrounding environment at all times.”

Drive Chauffeur can be integrated with Concierge, showing a 3-D visualization of the street on-screen whilst working autonomously. The technology behind each Drive Concierge and Chauffeur is powered through the Nvidia Drive Hyperion eight structure and sensor suite for complete self-riding systems.

Hyperion eight is the state-of-the-art generation of the cease-to-cease Nvidia Drive platform that automakers can use customized to their liking and needs. Hyperion eight was first discovered in April. However, a few details weren’t discovered until Tuesday, including groups presenting the 12 cameras, 9 radars, and one lidar, which can be a part of the platform. Notably, Luminar is presenting the lidar, a capacity boon for the newly public company. Continental, Hella, Sony, and Valeo also are presenting sensors to Nvidia for the Hyperion eight.

The vehicles with these technologies will likely come by 2024, but we are not sure about the outcome yet. At the same time, Nvidia has already announced a partnership with leading brands like Volvo and Mercedes-Benz.

Image Source: Engadget

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