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Communication module bug the root cause of OnePlus 5 and 5T delay: OnePlus

Communication module bug the root cause of OnePlus 5 and 5T delay: OnePlus

OnePlus users were delighted when they got to know that the OnePlus 5 was equipped with the 4K electronic image stabilization (EIS) and that too within a short time from its launch in 2017. And the best part was the functionality worked quite well. People were very happy with the results. However, to the users’ dismay, OnePlus has to retract back the EIS in both OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T sometime in May, owing to some serious issues.

Once the EIS functionality was disabled, there was no update regarding the same from OnePlus. However, now it looks like OnePlus has finally spoken about what exactly is the problem that is causing videos to be unstable and why there is a delay in releasing an update for the same. 

An update has been posted by the concerned officials on the OnePlus forums explaining the long delay. Apparently, “a serious bug related to the communication module” has been discovered by the OnePlus team that can, by all means, “seriously affect the user experience.” Owing to the depth of this issue, many talks were required to be held with the communication carrier so that some solution could be found collaboratively. However, all these factors increased the delay period even more. Thus, it became difficult for the OnePlus team to launch a smooth and table update for OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T. 

Customers were not too happy with this endless waiting period and looked like they were being communicated to the carrier. To the same, One Plus admitted that as there was no precise clarity as to when exactly the next update would be ready, it was quiet all along. However, the carrier feels that this was a grave mistake on their part, and an internal review for the same was being conducted. OnePlus has stated that they would not be keeping their customers in the dark, going further. The smartphone maker further said that it would be regular in communicating with its customers regarding any releases or updates from now on. It has promised to provide users with a progress update once there is some light on the release action. 

And finally, OnePlus has thanked all of its customers for waiting patiently. It has expressed immense happiness at the support received from all of its users and has stated that the growth of OxygenOS is solely dependent on customer support. 

The EIS feature at a glance

With the 4K electronic image stabilization (EIS), all the videos recorded on the OnePlus phones were extremely stable. They reported little or no shaking. It was the case irrespective of the fact of where the videos were shot – whether they were taken outdoors or indoors, totally independent of the lighting or any other factor. Even during panning photography, no issues were reported owing to the EIS feature being present. 

Let us hope that OnePlus soon finds a solution to this issue and resolves the same as soon as possible. Users have been waiting patiently for the same so that they can do some really good video shooting.

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