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A Community Refrigerator in LA is offering free food on LongBeach & is covered in encouraging messages

Community fridge to offer free and fresh food on LongBeach

A fully stocked refrigerator which is also plugged in and full of all kinds of food was seen in Long Beach LA. There were a lot of encouraging quotes and messages scrawled on the fridge. While some people just opened up the appliance to check if it had anything, some even took the liberty to take some food or other eateries from it. It was a surprising sight for the people on the 4th street on Long Beach to see a sort of community fridge plugged in on the side of the road when everybody is trying to stay from anything that says public or community. The fridge is located exactly opposite from a Mcdonald’s outlet on Fourth street, Cerritos.

A group of people is the mastermind behind this little community venture of feeding whoever feels hungry. The good part about this is that food is free and thus anybody can take it. The group keeps restocking the refrigerator time and again and tries to keep all kinds of healthy food in it, which can be taken by anybody hungry. One of the organizers for this free food venture, Senay Kenfe, said that he has to essentially restock the refrigerator every morning when he arrives at the location. This itself gives a big message on demand for fresh and free food which is relatively scarce.

The fridge has a lot of saying quotes and guidelines scrawled on to it. These writings are in English as well as Spanish for a better understanding of any preferable message. Most of the messages are along the lines of “Take what you need, leave what you don’t” and “This fridge belongs to you”. Other messages talk about the necessity of wearing a mask while using the fridge since it is for everyone. It is relatively unclear whether that guideline is a request or a sort of enforcement. Some people are seen using the fridge even without masks. Wearing a mask to access such public properties should be considered as a responsibility by every citizen in times like these to ensure our safety as well as others.

This fridge has its website called LA community fridge website, which lists a few guidelines for the fridge users as well as for those who might want to donate something. People can donate home-cooked meals to the fridge provided they follow all the necessary guidelines that are listed on its site. The guidelines are mostly about maintaining cleanliness during cooking and using disposable gloves while cooking.

All these measures and guidelines will just help in preventing the spread of COVID 19. However, this fridge is not the only one, following the same concept; multiple other refrigerators have been spotted around Southern California. Areas like Highland Park, Mid-City, Arlington Heights, and Exposition Park are where such fridges have been spotted.

Image Source: CBS Los Angeles

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