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It’s been weeks now without clean water in Concord; Using Water Heaters is also of no use

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The residents of the Concord city are facing water-related problems for weeks now. There have been multiple complains about water that smells like mildew and pond-like. Officials say that the water is purified properly and there is no risk of any health problems.

The smell in the water is actually from algae bloom at the Tuckertown Water Reservoir in Albemarle, which is the source of water supply to Concord. The leaders at City Hall say that they too have noticed the smell and taste of water being foul but it is an aesthetic issue according to them.

While residents of Concord say that they listened to the City Hall and continued using water but after drinking, cooking and bathing in it for weeks, they believe that their health is deteriorating and making them sick. Children have developed rashes all over their body, adults developed canker sores from brushing teeth, the water tastes and smells pond-like when they drink and some even said that it literally burnt in their throats or their throats swelled when they drank it. 

The residents also said that although the drinking water looks normal it is almost impossible to drink it because of the smell and taste of course. Not to mention, digestive problems are at the top of the list of people who continued using the water. Some had skin breakouts while others couldn’t run their cafes because of the water smell. They also had to incur heavy costs on the filtration system for their cafes and restaurants. 

While Albemarle said that they started flushing out the algae water almost two weeks ago, Concord began flushing much later. Officials said that workers are flushing out water lines and it would take almost a week to get the unclean water out of Concord.

The residents of Concord have been buying and using bottled water to drink, cook, bathe, and even to brush their teeth, which of course is adding up much to the expenses of the health-related issues. The smell is even in the washed clothes and it doesn’t go away by using extra detergents too. Boiling the water with Water Heater also was of no help to get rid of the smell. “We want clean water, I think it’s a pretty simple request, I want to be safe and I want my kids to be safe,” said a resident of Concord.

 The officials said that their staff will continue to monitor areas to ensure the system is completely cleared and they will continue to test the water regularly.

“We’re hopeful that the recent and impending rain may help move this bloom downstream so that the smell of the water can return to normal. Again, we emphasize that the water is safe for all uses and does meet or exceed all regulatory requirements. While certainly unpleasant for customers, the smell is an aesthetic issue. It is not a stagnation problem or a water quality issue, thus flushing the system will not mitigate the problem until the algae die off and/or moves downstream. Once the algae bloom is gone and the raw water returns to normal Concord staff will flush lines to remove the aesthetically displeasing water as quickly as possible.” – said Peter L. Franzese, public affairs and projects manager in a recent update.

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