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Corona-virus is causing a few Amazon Prime deliveries to go off their schedule.

Coronavirus is causing a few Amazon Prime deliveries to go off their schedule.

Many people choose to purchase their daily necessities online, undoubtedly companies like Amazon have a lot on their hands. As the firm continues to receive more and more orders, the company is facing a shortfall of a few essential household items. It is ultimately leading to a delay in the order deliveries, thereby taking them off their delivery schedule. 

All of us know that the deadly coronavirus, or the COVID-19, as it is called, is taking the entire world by storm. Looking at the fast pace at which it is spreading worldwide, many countries and cities across the globe are observing a complete lock down to prevent its spread and to contain it. Therefore, it becomes quite obvious that more and more people are relying on online shopping at present, as many of the grocery stores and malls have been shut. There is also a fear amongst people of contracting the disease if they step out of their homes.

Amazon had posted a blog in which it stated that all these issues have come up owing to a drastic increase in online shoppers. Unfortunately, due to all this, the company has to make delivery promises that are taking longer than usual. Amazon further stated that it was working round the clock throughout the day with all its selling partners to ensure that the products that are ordered are available earliest. The company is trying pretty hard to ensure that an additional quantity of items are available so that customers do not face huge delays. 

As of now, there is no clarity as to how much of these delays are caused due to employees opting to stay at home due to coronavirus fears. Amazon has made temporary changes to its attendance policies, which gives all the warehouse employees an unlimited amount of unpaid leaves for the whole of March. 

Amazon has also worked towards reducing coronavirus-related abuse on its platform. A lot of this is coming from a lot of items that are making false coronavirus claims. Amazon has removed these items from its platform. Apart from these items, many others were being overpriced. These items, too, were removed. Also, many sellers misused the current scenario by quoting high prices for high-demand items like face masks and hand sanitizers. Amazon banned these sellers and ensured that customers are not cheated unnecessarily.

The organization has offered two weeks of salary to those employees who are diagnosed with COVID-19 as well as to those who are quarantined. These rules are also applicable to part-time employees. 

Apart from providing so many benefits to its employees while at the same time ensuring that its customers are not put through a lot of trouble, Amazon has also started a relief fund to offer help to its contractors and gig workers who are down with coronavirus. The firm has also chalked out benefits for all its independent delivery service partners, Flex delivery drivers, and other seasonal employees. In case any of these people are affected by COVID-19, or if they have to be quarantined, they are liable to receive up to two weeks of pay. Amazon itself has made an initial contribution of $25 million towards the Amazon Relief Fund.

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