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Craigslist finally launches an app for iOS after 10 years and beta version available for Android

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Craigslist, which was started in 1995, offers a variety of things like you can buy, sell and many more. This was available only in the form of websites. But, now the company has finally launched its app, so you can access the service from your phone from anywhere. The company, after nearly 24 years, launched its first official app in the app store for iOS on Tuesday, and the app for Android is as of now available as a beta version only.

Craigslist launched its app after 10 years, that is a decade after the app store launch. We have to say that it is late in the app game. But, many fans of Craigslist are actually happy that the company has finally jumped into the app game. About the Craigslist app, we can say that the app is a nice replica of its official website.

The app offers a clean and clear cut and a more simplified view which is same as the Craigslist website. The app also shows an unpretentious functionality. That is the app satisfies all the principles of the Craigslist’s. Some of the important functions it offers is job, houses, items, searching for anything about what you are looking for. And you can also put your own ads and create alerts or alarms.

You can also contact sellers for which you don’t even have to sign up for an account. Many are actually really excited that a first official app as been released for Craigslist. But we cannot deny that many are disappointed that nothing has changed in the app and it is just a replica of the Craigslist website.

One comment in the iOS app store says that the company is lagging and is has a long way to come compared to other apps in the app store. The app also lags many security features like a verification step, especially for the rental listings. The app is famous for finding your missed connections or for seeing if anyone wants to find you or thinks that you are their missed connection.

You can use the free app at the comfort of your sofa with a mobile phone for finding apartments, jobs and also to post or edit ads without visiting the actual website. Craigslist has been standing strong, despite many fancy ones comes and goes as time passes. This app is very useful, unfussy and anonymous to sum it up in just three words.

Different categories of this have pertinent settings that is if you search for a car, you will get odometer, model year and many more as on the website. So the app will be indeed very convenient to use. The app too, never asks for an account to search or browse anything. Thus, you can call, text or email the seller at any time which pops on the app while you are searching.

The official Craigslist website is still on use. So, you can use it anytime you want, if you find the app not suitable for you. The app was made available to iOS customers Tuesday that is 3rd only, but it is already climbing the chart way too fast. Which shows how much people are interested in the app. The Craigslist app reached the 10th position in the shopping list category in the Apple app store.

The app condition or rules says that the app can be used by people who is 12 and above. So the people must be careful in posting things, especially in the missed connection section. The app, which was released on Tuesday has already got a rating of 4.6 out of the 79 comments or review which is not a bad one.

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