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Cruel Teens Microwave a Cat and Posts the Footage in Social Media

Cruel teens put cat in microwave video went viral

A group of vile teens in France forcefully puts a whimpering cat into the microwave. They have also spread this act of violence through posting footage on social media.

In the extremely disturbing footage, the teenagers were seen shutting down the cat inside a microwave oven. The cat is desperately trying to escape from the cruel actions of the teens, but all goes in vain. The footage then shows the vicious teens switching on the microwave while the cat is inside it. The whimpering of the helpless animal is a horrifying image for anyone.

The social media turned against the cruelty of these youngsters after the footage was spread. The comments on these vicious acts questioned the evil deeds these teenagers possess, at this young age. One of the comments said, “If they do this now, what they gonna do in the future??” While another expressed their concern, “Frightening, no regard for life. Jeffery Dahmer, the serial killer, used to torture dogs in the woods behind his house as a youth. Kids who torture animals grow up to be sick, dangerous adults. These teenagers will be in the DM in a few years, with a story like this, only this time it will be against a person.”

The fact that makes the crime viler is that the teenagers even uploaded the evil acts they committed by shooting footage. It was uploaded in Snapchat with an equally vicious caption saying “think I’m going to hell”. Reports are that these teenagers are from Dunkirk, Northern France.

The Dunkirk Animal Protection Society (SPA) has taken care of this matter after they got the first reports. The stills and details were shared by the SPA on Thursday, on their Facebook page.

The highly disturbing graphic contents in the footage have acted as proof of the vile deeds of these teens. 

Much to the relief of all the animal lovers who shared their concerns over the cat, the Dunkirk Animal Protection Society (SPA), came to the rescue of the helpless animal. The SPA has shared the photos of the cat on their social media page after rescuing it.

When asked about their response to this cruelty, the Dunkirk Animal Protection Society has stated that: “The SPA wants to reassure all those concerned about what has become of this little kitty. He’s alive and fine. The video broadcast on Snapchat is an absolute horror, the poor kitten fighting all his strength screaming in pain. We will not put this video on our page, not to shock and reveal the faces of these two idiots even if they deserve it. We managed to get their names, their residence, and of course, a complaint of abuse was made.”

The posts on social media were removed after the youngsters received numerous death threats, and their addresses were shared.

The SPA, too, has called for peace and has assured the crowd about the safety of the kitten and the case against the teenagers.

They also stated that “Know that much of this information is false. The address provided regarding one of the teenagers is not his own but that of a poor lady living alone and having nothing to do with this story!”.

The teens will probably end up in serious trouble as a consequence of their vile acts towards an animal. Most countries around the world have made animal protection a matter of importance, and crime towards animals a serious offense. Additionally, France has laws to put a person in jail for up to two years and impose a fine of £25,500 for committing cruelty towards animals. 

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