Currys PC World call police when man returning washing machine refuses to go

An interesting incident has recently been covered by media where Currys PC World called police over a row with a customer. The man was actually trying to return a washing machine, which he claimed was a totally defective piece. The talk turned into an argument, and the store rang up the police before things could escalate any further. The incident occurred at the Festival Park branch of Currys PC World, where the staff called the police.

Carl Warburton is a resident of Stoke-on-Trent, and he was the customer who had bought the £419 washing machine. The machine that he had bought from the same store was defective; within a matter of a few days, the machine started leaking and not just that it flooded his kitchen too. This was a totally unruly and unacceptable situation for a machine that had been purchased just one day ago. The machine was bought on Feb 2, and the complaint surfaced on Feb 3, 2020. It had not even been a day that the machine was purchased.

Currys Store, which is owned by Dixons Carphone, is a British electrical chain store that is functional in the United Kingdom and also the Republic of Ireland. The chief specialty of the electrical store lies in the sale of home electronics and household appliances. Overall, the store which is named after Henry Curry was founded in 1884 and has 295 megastores in its name at present. Along with the wealth of almost three hundred megastores, the chain also supervises 73 high street shops.

As per Carl Warburton, the owner of the said washing machine who is also a school manager, the machine started spewing water in just a week, and the kitchen was full of water in no time. This propelled him to consider a return for the faulty machine. He wished to be aptly compensated with another machine or get his money back. He took with him the machine to the store, but the store persons kept on insisting that it was not a that big issue and that it could be solved.

In other words, the store offered a repair. Even after repetitive demands from the customer, the customer services declined to return the machine. They wanted him to settle with a repair which they would have done in place of a complete return of the purchased product. It was not that the man claimed a refund and return of the machine out of the blue, all by himself. As per the reporting by Stoke on Trent Live, he rang the washing machine company. The machine is from the brand Samsung, and there was a split in the waste pipe of the said machine.

It was the company that suggested him to return it to the Hanley store and claim a refund for the same. The talks turned into a heated argument, and Mr. Warburton refused to leave the shop. It was then that the store called up the police. The Currys PC World electronics store that called up the police over a row with one of his customers gave its reasons in particular for calling the police.

Mr. Carl tells he was suggested to go back to Currys PC World along with the purchased product the next day with a reference number. The school manager went, but the store staff simply refused to accept it and said he would need to have it repaired by an engineer. As per a Currys PC World spokesperson, “Customer and colleague safety is our priority.” The staff also added that in such a situation, the police were called to ensure the safety of both parties.

It is very clear that the staff at the store in question has opted to remain defensive about the furor. Mr. Carl Warburton, who hails from Chell and is currently in his 50s, said, “I was so embarrassed when the police arrived on blue lights.” He implied that the store must not have called police over such trivial matters. On being asked how he was treated at the Currys store, Carl Warburton was quick to add that the customer service Currys was horrendous.

But it seems as if the end has been well after all. Mr. Warburton got his demand fulfilled as he received a full refund after he texted Currys PC World online for further action on the matter.

Image Source: BBC

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