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Customers who have Pre-Ordered Xbox Series X Consoles may not get them on time, says Amazon

Customers who have preordered Xbox Series X consoles may not get them on time, says Amazon

Sometime during the previous week, Amazon had sent an intimation to all the customers who had placed preorders for PS5, stating that they may not receive their consoles on the day of launch, as promised earlier. Well, if that was not enough, then the tech giant has sent a similar intimation to customers who have preordered the Xbox Series X consoles stating that they may not get them on the day of release, as was told earlier. 

Amazon had addressed its PS5 customers, notifying them regarding the delay in receiving their console via an email. Similarly, Amazon has written an email to its Xbox Series X customers, in which it clearly states that the users may not get the console on its launch day, which is November 10, owing to “high demand.” The tech giant has further stated that it is working out with the concerned suppliers to procure more of these consoles so that they can deliver them to the customers as fast as possible. And lastly, Amazon has stated that it would be providing any required updates as and when a particular piece of information becomes clear. 

The email has also explained how customers can track their order status, or if required, cancel out their order. It did not notify its PS5 customers as to when the product would be delivered. It has not stated anything here either. 

On Friday, when questioned by Gizmodo, Amazon confirmed sending a notification mail to all customers who had preordered the Xbox Series X. It makes it clear that the shortage of Xbox Series X consoles is evident in all of its markets worldwide and does not pertain to any particular market. Amazon was also asked if the customers of Xbox Series S would also be receiving a similar email. So far, the tech giant has not stated anything with respect to the same. 

The entire pre order scenario in 2020 has been managed very poorly by the gaming industry. And very surprisingly, this includes biggies like Microsoft, Sony, and Nvidia. It seems quite strange here that Microsoft is facing a serious shortage of consoles, while it had gone on to rebuke Sony for the way they went on to manage the preorders for the PS5. PlayStation lovers were dismayed to find that the PS5 consoles were sold out at all of its retailers. 

After all this fiasco related to PS5 unfolded, a tweet followed straight out of the Xbox Twitter account, notifying Xbox fans that the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S pre orders would start on September 22. Fans were provided a link within the same tweet from where they could determine “the exact local start time and participating retailers.”

Fans who could not place preorders for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S need not get disappointed here. Sometime during the beginning of this week, a tweet from the Xbox Twitter account stated that Xbox lovers could “expect more consoles to be available on November 10.”

Image source: TheVerge

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