Daimler Trucks is taking Majority Stakes from Torc Robotics for Self Driving Trucks

Daimler Trucks has agreed to buy a majority stake in the self-driving truck software maker Torc Robotics as a part of their boarder push to develop the autonomous vehicles.

Daimler Trucks Chief Executive Martin Dum has stated that “Torc is a Blacksburg, Virginia based company is going to help the Daimler accelerate software development by providing them with 120 skilled staff.

The financial terms of this deal weren’t unveiled.

The Torc Robotics has a partnership with Caterpillar for mining and development for their self-driven trucks. Torc is famous for developing high-level automation technology for the automobiles. They have developed a particular technology that will help in automating the vehicles at a higher level and this level is known as “level 4”.

This will help Daimler to accelerate its plans for the commercialization of self-driving vehicles.

CEO of Daimler Trucks of North America, Roger Neilsen has stated that “Torc’s Level 4 system has shown a great performance in both urban and rural highways. The vehicle was operated well irrespective of the weather conditions.

As of now Daimler is offering the basic automation features like acceleration, steer and brake using the camera and radar systems. This made the partially automated vehicles possible.

Daum has said that “bringing the Torc motors to Daimler family will create a powerful and unique team of innovators to put the best and highly efficient automated vehicles on the road.

Torc and Daimler teams are going to work closely on the automation project whereas both of the companies will work individually on the rest of their projects. Daimler will be working on the integration of automation into Automated Truck Research and Development center in Portland and Torc will be concentrating on their Amisov self-driving software individually.

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