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Dairy Queen’s Dairy-free Ice cream is here for the first time

Dairy Queen’s dairy-free ice cream is here for the first time

Dairy-free food products were predicted to be a trend in foodstuffs in the current year and rightly so. Nobody believed that Dairy Queen, whose very name stylized dairy products, would come up with non-dairy ice cream. But it has happened.

Thus, the new ice cream from the sweet lanes of Dairy Queen has put itself in the elite club of plant-based products. As people are eyeing at other potential alternatives to weed out the dependence on animals and animal products, dairy-free products could one day become the norm rather than an exception.

Conventional dairy brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Häagen-Dazs, Magnum have also taken up the esteemed route in the past months. And then we have a new entry, the Dairy Queen, whose name epitomizes the very use of milk and milk products. After all, the brand has been a leading force in the world of milk-based desserts.

It is oddly satisfying to see traditional companies that dealt only in milk and related products joining the bandwagon. With so many companies coming up, the number of ice cream flavors and variants available for the ice cream eaters has certainly shot up. 

A number of brands have had a pioneering stake in the plant-based dessert industry. Notable among these plant-based brands are companies like So Delicious, Coconut Bliss, and NadaMoo. From the very start, they had their focus clear. They were here to give people a taste of the plant-based variants of their favorite desserts.

At a Las Vegas location of Dairy Queen, an ad was spotted. Somebody located the poster that displayed a non-dairy ice cream. The delicious ice cream pictured as having cream dripping from it was a sight to behold. The caption wrote that the coming ice cream would have coconut cream in place of milk or its allied products.

Moreover, there was a mention of the phrase “gluten-free”. Thus, the company was eyeing at producing something keenly different. That was a vegan ice cream that could be making its presence felt sometime soon. The ice cream, it further said in small letters, would be available at all participatory locations.

The ice cream in the promotion was quoted as a Non-dairy Dilly bar. There was a chocolate or cocoa coloured variant displayed in the picture. As the number of people allergic to dairy-based products is on the rise, it is a welcome move by the leading ice cream maker and supplier.

Another sight that was an immediate threat to the eyes was a Dairy Queen location in Louisiana that also wrote on Facebook about the Non-Dairy Dilly Bars. The restaurant posted that they had planned to serve the delicious sweet treat in their location. The Facebook post by the restaurant affirmed that the bars are truly vegan!

The usage of dairy has been linked to ailments like hormonal imbalance, cancer, acne, prostate cancer, etc. and a number of side effects. On the contrary, eating plant-based products or rather substitutes is known to help in mental health, allergies, gut health, chronic inflammation, and promote good cardiovascular health as well. It also helps in promoting overall fitness.

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