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DairyQueen adds a new restaurant in Princeton

Dairy adds a new restaurant in Princeton

Caldwell county had a great choice of cold treats while the dairy queen was there from 1979 to 2008 on U.S. 62. The restaurant closed 11 years ago in this location, and Dairy Queen hasn’t been back in the area’s vicinity until now. 

Eleven years after the closing of the restaurant, Dairy Queen is now planning to come back to Princeton on Marion Road near the Interstate 69 exchange and that too as a Dairy queen grill and chill establishment. Caldwell county folks can count on Dilly bars, blizzards and more being available close by because of this establishment coming up soon. June 30 is the day that has been scheduled for the reopening of the restaurant.

Tiffany Olson, the director of marketing at Fourteen foods, has said that they got a good deal on the real estate and property and they were easily able to retrofit as per the needs. Even the local workers have been very helpful in a smooth transition from zero to complete the building of the new location. It marks the 228th location of Dairy queens owned by Fourteen foods. 

The general manager of the new outlet will be Travis Miles, who is also the current general manager of other Dairy queen outlets in the state. 70 local employees are also set to join the outlet as it opens soon by the end of the month. 

The new outlet of the Dairy queen will be featuring a separate grill and chill area along with a drive-thru zone, a patio and a dining room. Customers will have a lot of options in terms of the seating that would be available around the restaurant. The work on it is edging towards completion, and the entire outlet is expected to be ready a little before the launch. 

Customers can expect the menu to have hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken in the grill menu while the chill menu will have the traditional soft serve many have come to love, along with a breakfast menu. The timings would be the usual, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. serving would be available on regular days. On weekends, the same time will shift to 7 a.m. opening time and 10 p.m. closing time like usual. 

Something quite notable about the new location is that it will have a delivery option through the assigned partner DoorDash. A grand opening is also queued for the next month, in the mid somewhere. Promotional events can be expected during this event, along with a proper welcome of customers to the outlet. 

It has also been assured that all COVID-19 guidelines will be followed and employees would be geared up with protective equipment. The capacity would also be kept low in the beginning until everything goes back to normal. Social distancing will be strictly followed by everyone present. 

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