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Dbrand Dares Sony To Sue Them By Making Dark Plates

Dbrand Dares Sony To Sue Them By Making Dark Plates-Web Page Says, Go Ahead, Sue Us

Dbrand, a small firm known for making phone skins, console parts, has created a controversy by making matte black “Darkplates” for the all-new PS5. Many people do not like the dual color tone of the new PS5, and hence Dbrand came up with the solution. This particular solution is challenging Sony, as it is illegal to produce plates for the PlayStation without the company’s concern.

Earlier, a small firm company named PlateStatio5, known as CustomizeMyPlates, had produced a similar product and faced the consequences. Sony filed a case against the company, and the firm had to refund the money of all the customers and then cancel the company.

It seems like Dbrand is encouraging Sony to sue them. If you do not believe us, you should read the company’s website, which has the caption, “Go ahead, sue us” written on top. The company has made amazing dark consoles or dark plates made out of plastic and will fit your new PS5 perfectly. For black lovers, this particular product will be an amazing add-on to the collection. But, will Sony let Dbrand release the product? The answer is still not known.

Moreover, Dbrand even has a texture on the dark plate, which is quite similar to that of the PlayStation button icons texture. You can find the micro-texture on the parts of PS5. It seems like Dbrand found it suitable to make the dark plates quite similar to the PS5 so that it looks like Sony made it. When asked about the texture, the company said it is “a familiar-but-legally-distinct apocalyptic spin on the classic PlayStation button shapes.” Well, we are still waiting on Sony’s answer to this similarity.

We found that Dbrand even comes with an optical skin for the middle part of the PlayStation. You can customize the middle part of the dark plate as per your choice and give your PS5 a new look. Dbrand didn’t stop here. The company even went forward to create more color options for the PS5. There are white and yellow skin colors and even different patterns, such as “redcode” and the “robot cameo.”

When Sony launched the PS5, there was huge chaos in the market. Sony was able to sell off the PS5 like hotcakes. Moreover, there were so many orders that Sony ran out of the new PlayStation. There was even news that people fought for the new PS5 on roads, and some even stole it from kids! Such was the craze of the PS5.

Though PS5 was a huge hit, most people didn’t like the dual color tone and wanted the device to be of a different color. Dbrand took the perfect opportunity and introduced the “Darkplates” in the market. Though we don’t know whether this was a daring or a foolish move, it has caught the eye of many PS5 owners who now want matte black plates for the device.

However, the cost of the plates won’t come cheap. It will cost around 49 USD, excluding shipping charges. If you include shipping charges, the price goes up to 60.95 USD, which is quite expensive. Besides that, if you are ordering the plates now, you will get them after two or three months. If you want to go for an all-black PS5 look, you should check out the Darkplates from Dbrand.

Image Source: TheVerge

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