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Discounts and Offers raining at many pizza outlets on National Pizza Day!!!!

Offers and discounts on National Pizza Day at various outlets

Who does not like pizza? Barring just a few, most people around the world would definitely lookout for an opportunity to gorge on this tasty dish. And to all pizza lovers out there, let us remind them that National Pizza Day has finally arrived and it is on Feb 9th. And to make this day a memorable one for all pizza fans, some of the very famous pizza outlets have quite a lot many pizza offers. So come now, time to activate all your taste buds!!

Let us take a look at what are the kinds of offers and discounts which various bestpizza outlets would be offering this Sunday owing to National Pizza Day. These deals would be across New York as well as across the country:

  1. Offers that are available at Papa John’s: Papa John’s outlets are offering about 30% discount on regular and large pizzas. Customers need to enter the promo code “PIZZADAY” on either the website or the app.
  2. Offers available at Pizza alla Pala: At Pizza alla Pala, customers would be getting a $2 discount on a Margherita slice. However, this would be applicable if they purchase any regular slice at a full price. An important point to note here is this discount would be applicable only at the outlets situated in NYC, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The outlet situated in Las Vegas would not be offering this promotion as it is not a part of it.
  3. Offers available at &Pizza: This offer would be valid from Feb 7th to Feb 9th. When a customer purchases any pie, he is applicable to receive &Pizza’s OG Pizza with toppings of grape tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, and olive oil. And this would be for just $3 extra. This offer would be applicable for dine-in, take-out and delivery orders. Users need to use a coupon code here.
  4. Offer at BlazePizza: Customers ordering a pizza at BlazePizza via Postmates are also bound to get a free pizza if their order is above $25. Most likely, this could be a large any-toppings pie. The promo code “PIZZADAY” should be used by the customer.

Apart from these, there are some offers that are exclusive to only the people staying in New York, especially kids.

  1. Gnocco: Gnocco, which is well-known for Roman-style thin-crust pizzas, is giving out an offer which is buy-one-get-one at a 50% discount on all its 12-inch pies. Customers need to give a digital flier to avail of this deal, which would be put up at the restaurant’s Instagram account.
  2. Sorbillo: The Sorbillo outlet at NYC is offering a discount of at least $10 or perhaps even more on a combo of Margherita con bufala pizza along with a glass of beer or wine. This entire combo is priced at just $18.
  3. IT BGL: Pizza lovers who want to grab a bite at IT BGL would be getting a whole free pizza on the purchase of a pizza with the same or higher value. This offer would be applicable for the whole of Sunday.
  4. Tavolino: This recently opened restaurant in December would be offering a free glass of Lambrusco, which is a sparkling Italian red wine, along with the purchase of an individual-sized pie. Customers in groups of 4 or more would be liable to receive a complimentary bottle when each of them orders their own individual pie.

In fact, not just restaurants, even a gym has offered a deal on National Pizza Day. Planet Fitness is holding an “epic carbs and cardio pizza, bagel, and workout party.” This event would be held at all Planet Fitness outlets across the US. People who are not even members of the gym are free to participate in this event on Sunday. Free bagels will be available from 7 to 10 a.m while free pizza would be provided from 4 to 7 p.m as long as the supplies last.

In fact, as an exclusive offer on Sunday, Planet Fitness is inviting people of age 18 years or older for a free workout session in its gym. People interested in the same would need to provide a valid photo ID. 

So, all pizza lovers out there, go out and try to grab the maximum of your favorite pizza!!!

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