Discover America’s Mattress Day Sale by My Green Mattress starts on the October 9th

My Green Mattress has held the pride of calling itself the original family-owned mattress company providing organic mattresses in America. They are also known for some great offers and sales that have been constantly brought forward by them for customers. 

Recently, their Memorial Day sale went well, and there is a new one coming up, which will be live on October 9th and October 15th. Discover America’s Mattress Day sale, as the company is calling it, will be one of the best sales that the customers will see on mattresses for a while. 

During the sale, all customers will save up to $175 on the range of organic mattresses that the brand has. Additionally, 15% of savings will be possible on the Emily Crib Mattress and the other organic toppers and waterproof protectors. Using this discount would be possible with the help of a code, which is to DISCOVER. 

Established in 2007 and known for being a well-developed U.S. based mattress company, My Green Mattress has also been known for bringing out good deals that usually please the buyers. Their products have been certified organic and are also non-toxic, which makes the purchase very worthwhile.  

The Discover America’s Mattress Day sale will carry mattresses for all kinds of beds and spaces, from masters to nurseries, the organic range can be made available for all of them. The company has built its brand because their products are for families collectively and not just selective spaces. 

Two very popular mattresses from the entire range that My Green Mattress carries, which are the Natural Escape mattress and the Hope Latex Mattress, will be on flat discount. The Natural Escape mattress will help you save $175 directly and that too on any of the sizes you choose, out of the available ones. As for the Hope Latex Mattress, it has the scope of saving $135 flat. The latex-free Pure Echo mattress and the affordable, child-friendly Kiwi Mattress will also be on a similar discount.

No matter which mattress you choose to buy during the sale, all have been certified all-organic by the Control Union. High-quality materials like the GOTS-certified organic cotton, American-sourced organic wool, and GOLS-certified organic latex have been used to handcraft every mattress that is sold. All of the certifications are present on the family-owned business’s website to provide transparency.

In addition to being organic, the mattresses are also free from any of the flame retardant chemicals you would otherwise find in a non-organic product. Being naturally hypoallergenic is another feature of the mattresses that you can reap benefits from.

Above all, the mattress features that you would choose from the Discover America’s Mattress Day sale are the benefit that you get a 120-day sleep trial from the brand and an add on the 20-year warranty. Any military personnel or veterans will be up for an additional $50 discount during the sale, so everyone should gear up.

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