Disney Plus to telecast old seasons of Simpsons on 4:3 aspect ratio

Disney Plus to telecast old seasons of Simpsons Image

Disney Plus has launched very recently, and viewers were waiting eagerly to catch up on all the old episodes of their favorite show Simpsons. However, they were in for a huge disappointment when they observed that older seasons, when telecasted with 16:9 aspect ratio, cut out some visual jokes from the screen.

However, Disney has promised that it will recreate the initial 19 seasons of the series in the aspect ratio of 4:3. This was the original ratio with which it was actually made. It is expected to happen around early 2020.

Disney Plus has stated that its only aim was to telecast good quality videos and to maintain consistency through all the 30 seasons of the series. From the time the aspect ratio of 16:9 was introduced, most of the videos have been telecast in this format. Hence it decided to telecast all videos in the 16:9 format. However, as the initial seasons of Simpsons were made to view in 4:3 format, it could not click with the users as it cropped out some important jokes and displays.

Disney Plus has started that it will continue in its road to continuous improvement, by providing many new features along with extra options to view videos. As a part of this initiative, it would be recreating the first 19 seasons of Simpsons along with a few episodes of season 20 in 4:3 aspect ratio format. This would ensure that viewers are not disturbed by the cropping of any visuals from the screen.

This step would ensure that viewers get to enjoy all the 30 seasons of Simpsons. When questioned on why only 19 seasons were being recreated in 4:3 aspect ratio, Disney Plus stated that when the Simpsons series was halfway through season 20, the 16:9 aspect ratio was being introduced. As all the seasons beyond 20 were being created to view in 16:9 mode, there was no need to recreate these seasons (20-30).

Disney Plus, a new streaming channel, started on November 12 in the US, Canada and the Netherlands. It did have a few issues like operational failures and problems with logging in. However, many viewers were upset with the visual gags of Simpsons being cut off from the screen. For instance, a Twitter user had posted on how the Simpsons were being cut out in a season 4 episode of “Duffless”. Also, the widescreen view caused the characters’ faces to expand, making it look all the more unnatural.

Disney Plus has given an assurance that it would be addressing these issues pretty soon. It would be launching soon in Australia and New Zealand on November 19. People from the UK, Spain, France, Germany and Italy would get to enjoy the visuals from Disney Plus on March 31.

According to sources, the new Disney Plus streaming service is expected to telecast a wide range of videos, both old and new from the channels of Disney, Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel, Fox and National Geographic. The subscription charges are priced at $7 a month. It jas already registered around 10 million subscribers.

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