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At last Disney+ is going to be available on Amazon’s Fire TV platform

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Amazon has finalized a deal with Walt Disney, which now means Disney+ streaming video service shall be available on Fire TV devices.

The deal has come to light after a situation of conflict between the two parties, Amazon and Disney. Neither of the two was ready to bend. While Amazon wanted Disney to sell a significant percentage of its ad space, Disney had been reluctant for the same.

The disagreement included those advertising rights that also included giants like ABC, ESPN, and the Disney Channel itself. As a consequence of the disputes, previously, Fire TV was not enlisted as one of the partners for Disney’s video streaming service.

As the disagreement, so reported by the Wall Street Journal faded, Disney+ is all set to be launched on November 12, 2019. That corresponds to the analogy that Disney+ will be arriving at Fire TV devices and that current available Disney apps shall be allowed to on Amazon’s streaming platform, too.

It is yet unclear as to what settlement the two parties have finally nodded to. Whether or not Disney agreed to Amazon’s terms is not known as for now. But as the news goes, Disney’s apps will now become available to Amazon’s Fire TV devices also.

Besides the partnership with Amazon, Disney+ shall also be available on Samsung and LG devices. CEO Bob Iger announced:

“We’re pleased to announce partnerships with Amazon Fire [TV], LG, and Samsung devices.”


The Amazon Fire TV is available across platforms, being on iOS, Android, Fire OS, and equipped with easy navigation and keyboard to enter text and also voice search. It is a media streaming player which works being connected to the internet.

Their best-selling Fire TV Stick comes with an Alexa Voice Remote and has gained a lot of popularity, being easy to set up and also has the additional feature of already having pre-registered to your Amazon account.

Disney plus is going to be an on-demand video subscription and media streaming service owned by Walt Disney. With franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, The Simpsons, and Frozen, Disney plus would stream many classics and new releases alike.

National Geographic video too, shall be streamed. The content from Disney+ will also be available in Amazon’s features based on Alexa. The $7 competitor to Netflix, HBO Max, and Apple TV Plus, Disney plus threw a surprise to Marvel fans when it announced that the blockbuster Avengers: Endgame should also be streamed on November 12 when Disney Plus launches.

In the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, Disney Plus will launch on March 31. The first season of Star Wars’ spinoff series Mandalorian shall have already completed by then, it seems. This also happens to be a much-anticipated series on this new platform of Disney.

Disney also created a stir when it spoke of a deal with Verizon, which would give the carrier’s unlimited wireless customers a subscription to Disney plus’s free year. Altogether, Disney plus will cost $6.99 a month in the United States, or if you are willing to pay for a full year, you will have to pay $69.99, which means a cheaper $5.83 per month.

It is only pertinent to mention that the Fire TV platform from Amazon is one of the two largest streaming platforms in the world presently. So, it is a big grab for Disney that the duo has finally settled for an agreeable middle path. And for people who are Marvel fans or Star Wars fanatics and have kids around, do consider another subscription, guys!

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