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Disney won’t be screening the 4k version of ‘Star Wars: The Empire strikes back’

Disney won’t be screening the 4k version of ‘Star Wars: The Empire strikes back.’

Since Disney had announced earlier, viewers have been hopeful that they would be releasing a 4k version of the movie Star Wars: The Empire strikes back.’ The movie was supposed to be released in theatres post lifting of the lockdown, but it has been confirmed now that the same won’t be happening anymore. Disney has rolled back on the launch plans for now, and the promise made to the viewers.

A few weeks ago, Disney revealed that a 4k edition of the movie would be in the theatres when U.K. cinemas are reopened. All the fans had been very hopeful for the release, but now as it has been confirmed, only the 2k version of the 1980 movie will be out in Vue theatres across the U.K., not the 4k version. 

If the release of the 4k version had been successful, the ‘Star Wars: The Empire strikes back’ would have been the first time that the UHD version of an original trilogy film would have been in the cinemas for viewers. Although, Mouse House has now pushed aside any plans of that happening after talking with the exhibitors in the past few weeks. 

Fans need not be disappointed as a 2k version will still be in the cinemas soon, as Vue mentioned. ‘Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back,’ the release of the 4k version had gained a lot of praise because it is the second title in the original trilogy where Luke Skywalker studies the Force with Yoda as the Galactic Empire pursues the Rebel Alliance.

Currently, the movie is available on Disney’s streaming platforms like Disney+ and through Blu-ray. a 4k version of the movie, along with seven other Skywalker saga films, was released on these platforms in March this year, so viewers can still watch the expected movie.

It is clear from Disney backing up from the screening of the 4k version that exhibitors are trying to get back in the game amid the pandemic looking over the world. Many other movies have also been pushed far from their expected timeline, as everyone struggles to gain back the audience in time. ‘Mulan,’ which was supposed to be screened on July 24, has now been pushed forward to be released on August 21.

Dates of the cinemas opening up have also been constantly fluctuating as the cases of Covidd-19 increase worldwide. It has been the major factor in the release of movies being pushed for an extended timeline. The much-anticipated Tenet won’t be released on its decided date as well, which was July 31, and now that would be August 12.

Vue and Cineworld exhibitors have also changed their release dates from this month to the next month. Given, they were supposed to be screening the 4k version of ‘Star Wars: The Empire strikes back,’ it is understandable why Disney would ax the showing altogether. Fans can still watch the 4k version on online streaming platforms, which is anyways much safer.

Image source: Engadget

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