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DJI Launches a Drone Rescue Map that Lists Worldwide Rescue Operations Assisted Directly by Drones

DJI launches a drone rescue map that lists worldwide rescue operations assisted directly by drones.

DJI, a Chinese drone company that is also currently leaving the drones market globally, has launched an online reference portal where it displays a world map and keeps a count of how many people were helped by drones in serious situations. Until now it has marked over 400 people who have been helped in almost 200 different situations all over the world. This drone rescue map will continually update the data on this portal as the number increases. DJI has been a leader in manufacturing and supplying civilian drones and aerial imaging technology.

As of now, the drone map has been compiled using data available from news sources and other reliable departments like the police force, fire departments, and volunteer rescue squads of various cities. The map contains the date and proper location of where the incident happened. It also contains a brief description of the incident that is marked and includes a link to the original story or the source of the post. Lastly, it also displays an easy way to share this drone map. To further make the map more accurate, DJI encourages public safety agencies and departments to submit drone rescue incidents that have not been included in the drone map already.  

In an interview, Romeo Durscher, senior director of public safety integration at DJI said: “The DJI Drone Rescue Map is now the best global reference for how effective drones are in emergencies, and allows the world to see the tremendous impact drones have had in finding lost people, shortening searches, reducing risks to rescuers and saving lives”. He further added, “Public safety workers already know how drones are revolutionizing their work, and now the rest of the world can see their amazing stories in one place. The DJI Drone Rescue Map honors the incredible rescues they’ve made, and will allow everyone to see how drones help save people in the future.” The drone rescue map is in certain ways a very good marketing strategy on behalf of DJI. It opens people to the possibilities of drone rescues and thus promotes the usage of more drones by safety agencies.

The drone rescue map has listed various instances of finding people lost in deserts, forests, mountains. Some incidents even show how it rescued people in dark places, using thermal imaging, it also rescued people stuck in the middle of water bodies and also supplied them with some form of survival kit until help reached them. The map however does not list any incidents where the map was a part of a larger search project, only the incidents where it directly assisted with rescuing, finding, or locating a person in peril. The map shows how a drone assisted search is faster and more efficient than a ground-based search since a drone can locate people faster and guide them to rescue quickly. It can even accelerate the process of rescue in first-responder scenarios. In some incidents, it’s clear that drones have made life to death a kind of difference in the rescue projects.

“I know how important drones are for people in distress because a drone saved my life”, said Jason Mabee, a drone rescued person, who was found wounded and near death in a park by a volunteer drone pilot. He added that he and his family were eternally grateful that a stranger was able to find him using his drone. He noted that the DJI drone map will be a good way of demonstrating how useful drones are in rescuing people. 

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