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DJI Mini Mavic Air Upgraded with Improved Battery Life and Powerful Camera

DJI Mini Mavic Air upgraded with improved battery life and powerful camera

DJI is one of the most popular Chinese Companies that has predominated the drone industry with its high tech drones. Almost 70% of drones in the market that are bought by customers extensively belong to the DJI Company. But with the ongoing pandemic coronavirus, everyone felt the Company might slow down its production. That was certainly not the case, as the Company is gearing up for the release of its new model which will be more like a sequel to the lightweight Mavic Air that was released almost two years ago.

This announcement came as a surprise after Trump announced and requested the ban on every foreign-made drone that may have its origin belonging to a foreign country or may have any of its parts being imported from a foreign country. He cited it as a security risk, and according to Trump, it was the Chinese Government’s way of spying into the US’s research organization and any other government body. A draft was released earlier in March which called out China to be one of the main adversaries in question as it was one of the leading producers of drones, namely DJI.

The worth of DJI Company is almost $15 Billion, and by that decision, it was supposed to be one of the major companies to get affected as it has a large customer base in the US itself. The CEO of DJI informed that their drones are scrutinized and are marked safe and secure to be used for any kind of government operations. One of their spokespeople also commented that none of their drones holds any risk to the US government or its people.

Although, the draft is still under process and therefore DJI coming up with a new launch is not a big surprise. The original lightweight Mavic Air on being reviewed received criticisms mostly because of the usefulness of the product. Yes, it was very lightweight, but some features lagged extensively in the drone. The engineering was impressive, as the Company surely surpassed our hopes in building a drone with so much of details and specifications but while keeping the bulkiness and weight of the model in check.

After receiving a few criticisms based on the performance of the lightweight Mavic Air, the Company with its new sequel model has surely worked on those areas. Some of the issues have been addressed such as battery capacity. The original lightweight Mavic Air had a very low battery capacity due to which many customers chose some other model instead of this. But with the new upgraded version, the Company has provided the user with longer-lasting battery capacity. Instead of the normal 21 minutes of runtime on a single charge, the drone will now be flying for almost 34 minutes on a single charge.

The original lightweight Mavic Air also had some usability issues, but some of them have been addressed and fixed in the new sequel. The software of the system has also been upgraded with a new version of ActiveTrack. The drone now also comes with better subject tracking, where it can relocate on something or some object which may be temporarily obscured from view due to a tree, or a pole. The other features that received an upgrade were the Spotlight and the Point of Interest. 

But that is not the most interesting part. Every user buying a DJI drone hopes for the drone to be able to capture images and videos at a high definition and amazing quality. That is exactly what you will receive from the new DJI lightweight Mavic Air sequel model. It can shoot at 4K with 60 frames a second. The drone will now also be able to shoot at 8X slow mode, and record videos in HDR quality. The camera also has some new features such as low light settings and the ability to recognize screens.

Currently, the new model is available for shipping only in China, as the worldwide shipping has been stopped because of the ongoing pandemic. However, the Company is receiving pre-orders and assures its customer to deliver the product as soon as the situation curbs down.

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