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DJI’s Mavic Mini has its Camera and Connection Upgraded

DJI’s Mavic Mini has its camera and connection upgraded

DJI launched its Mavic Mini drone during the previous year. According to a review conducted over this drone, Mavic Mini held all those qualities within itself that are ideal for a good quality drone. The review also stated that the drone is blessed with an amazing camera, a very good range and an amazing controller. The drone was built such that it could hold itself up very well even during windy conditions. Overall, Mavic Mini presented a good picture of itself. 

Today, DJI is welcoming the Mini 2 into retail markets. Mini 2 can be considered to be a polished version of the earlier one. The initial version of the drone was good enough, made after a lot of experience received by building numerous generations of DJI and Mavic drones. In other words, the Mavic Mini was built after a lot of learning and understanding about what should be present within a good drone.

There is not much of a difference between the sizes and the weights of the Mavic Mini and Mini 2 drones. The weight of Mini 2 is about 249 grams. It can be easily folded and packed into a bag. 

A notable update within the Mini 2 is its camera. The drone now can click 4K videos at a rate of 30 FPS. The camera can also capture stills of 12-megapixels, and digital zoom can go up to 4 times the original size. According to DJI, digital zooming can go up to 2 times the original size. It is predicted that a lot of focus would be on the zoom feature, going forward. 

Another update in the Mini 2 drone is the presence of DJI’s proprietary OcuSync wireless technology, which is referred to as OccuSync 2.0. The newly arrived Mavic Air also boasts of this technology. 

According to DJI, “OcuSync 2.0 is DJI’s world-renowned transmission technology responsible for ensuring stable, long-distance, and reliable connection between the remote controller and the drone. Dual-frequency technology automatically switches between channels to help against interference.”


The other updates include a transmission rate of about 19 km. It is almost 150% of the range delivered by Mavic Mini. However, DJI recommends that this feature will give out the best results only when the drone is within the line of sight range at the time of operation. The battery of Mini 2 ensures that it operates for 31 minutes at a stretch, without any issue. For Mavic Mini, the battery could help in the running of the drone for about 30 minutes. 

The preprogrammed image clicked by DJI is very effective. The camera is equipped with five fast-shooting modes, namely, Dronie, Helix, Rocket, Circle, Boomerang. Apart from this, the camera is also equipped with three panoramic modes – Sphere, 180 and Wide-Angle. And finally, there are two image modes- Triple Shots and Timed Shots.

There is a considerable increase in the price of Mini 2. Now, the complete setup will be coming at $499. The earlier version of the drone came at $399. If one requires two additional batteries, a charging hub as well as a carrying case, apart from the drone, which is a lovely addition, then the price of the complete unit would be $599.

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