Dreame Technology’s Latest Robotic Vacuum Cleaner D9, is here

Dreame Technology is an organization that focuses on producing cleaning appliances by employing astrodynamics technologies. It is well-known for manufacturing some amazing appliances. Dreame has brought about many variations in its vacuum cleaners, which are cordless as well as robotic. Likewise, it has also produced some amazing mops. 

Currently, it is engaged in bringing forth its latest robotic vacuum cleaner, called D9. Considered to be a next-generation appliance, D9 is encompassed with high-end performance and solutions, considered one of the best industry standards. Moreover, it is not a very costly appliance and can fit within the budget of most homeowners.

Roc Woo, Dreame’s co-founder, went on to say, “We believe that technology can empower the world and innovation can drive us to a better future, and we are privileged to lead in high-speed digital motors and multi-cone cyclone separation technology. Dreame D9 is one of the best examples that can illustrate our mission of promoting the benefits of scientific progress in technological consumer products.”

The D9 performs its functionalities based on the latest Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) navigation system. Giving a boost to this technology is the smart algorithm Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) system, which enables the robot to map the area that requires cleaning. These technologies also help the appliance to perform its work with a high rate of accuracy. It also helps the appliance to decide the cleaning path. 

D9 comes with 13 sensors that help it determine any hurdles and avoid colliding with the same. And of course, this appliance is also linked to a smartphone application that enables users to preset any route and direct the appliance for cleaning along the said path. 

Equipped with a strong suction power of 3000 Pa, the D9 can pull out stubborn dirt and dust without much difficulty. Without any doubt, the cleaning power of the appliance is amazing. Now, carpet owners need not worry about its cleaning if they have D9, as this can detect and recognize the carpet’s presence on the floor and accordingly increase its suction power to ensure its thorough cleaning.

The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 5200 mAh battery, which has a huge capacity. This battery gets its power from the smart Battery Management System (BMS), which helps the appliance to perform its work for at least 150 minutes at a stretch. Additionally, it can cover a cleaning area of about 250 sq m when completely charged once. 

And finally, the D9 is compatible with the Alexa voice command, which is possible via the mobile app. With this, cleaning can be conducted hands-free, just with the aid of voice commands. Coming with both the sweeping and mopping functionalities, people owning this appliance can expect their household chores and cleaning activities to get a lot better. 

And the amazing thing is that D9 is not very noisy. The maximum sound level that it can reach when functioning at full power is about 65 dB(A). This sound is equivalent to the sound coming from people when they talk in a restaurant. 

D9 is available to purchase on Amazon for $349.99. However, people can get this at a slashed rate of $279.99 if they choose to buy it between Nov 12 to Nov 18. Dreame Technology is known to bring in innovative and high performing cleaning appliances since 2015.

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