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Drone Champions League tries its hands on the first-ever manned aerobatic drone

DCL tries some rolls and loops on a manned aerobatic drone

People who have dreamed of flying a racing drone by overcoming all the possible hurdles have some piece of good news here. The Drone Champions League, which is considered as the biggest live drone racing league, has launched an online drone racing game on Feb 18. This game is known as DCL-The Game. In a bid to promote the same, a team of people from the Drone Champions League has tried to create the entire sequence of flying and manning a drone into reality.

DCL states that “The vision is to race manned drones in the future, and you can start training to fly them today on DCL – The Game.” The drone, which supposedly performs aerobatic stunts, and taking the entire drone into rolls and hoops, has been created by Drone Champions AG. This has been named as the “Big Drone.”

The drone is a full-sized one with a complete carbon airframe. It consists of six arms protruding outwards from an aerodynamically faired chassis. Each arm is composed of a pair of coaxial rotors that have been mounted towards the ends. A central seat has been fixed within the drone. This is supposed to be the passenger seat. 

An important thing to be noted here is that there is no specific pilot seat that has been put within the drone. It is due to the fact that drone is constructed in a manner such that it is controlled externally with the help of trained drone racing pilots by means of remote control. 

The team from the Drone Champions League took the “Big Drone” to a place called Vrsar, which is situated in Croatia. A unit from Red Bull reached the place in order to capture and film the complete scenario. A dummy passenger was placed on the passenger seat post, which the drone was made to perform various aerobatic movements. Various loops and rolls were marked by the drone. In fact, something of this sort has never been done by a multicopter to date. 

Once the stunts were performed with the dummy passenger on board, Drone Champions founder Herbert Weirather went and sat inside the drone. Although this time, the drone did not perform too many aerobatic stunts, the trip was comparatively much shorter and quite safer than the one in which the dummy passenger was seated.

Although the safety factors might have been taken care of, it looks like the person sitting inside the drone would definitely need some air sickness bags. Looking at the video gives a feel of a stomach-churning experience. 

So far, there is no update with regards to when the team plans to conduct manned aerobatic flights. However, one thing for sure is that machines can take care of most of the things. It is just the safety features that one needs to look at. 

What DCL-The Game is all about

  1. The game is for all those drone pilot lovers and gamers who are keen to explore the fun activities involved in the first-person view drone racing, freestyle pilots, camera drone operators, and experienced drone racing pilots.
  2. The game involves 30 tracks. Additional tracks are available online. The game can be played with players from all over the world. The game can be played in multi-player mode, with the maximum limit being 30 players.
  3. Players can earn and unlock about 100 items. These are cosmetic items such as drone skins and trails.
  4. Starting Feb 18, the game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam (PC and Mac)

The cost of the game on Standard Edition PC & Mac is $29.99, whereas, on Standard Edition Consoles, it is priced at $39.99.

Image Source: New Atlas

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