Drone Deliveries Are The Future Of Online Shopping Sites

Last week, Zipline got permission to use its drones for delivering medical supplies with its drones from the FAA. While the whole world is slowly getting acquainted with drone deliveries, India is also catching up with speed.

Earlier, countries were unsure about drone deliveries due to various reasons, such as security and privacy. However, the pandemic has changed people’s opinion, and drone deliveries are becoming the future for humankind. 

Earlier this week, DGCA, India’s Civil aviation regulator, approved companies to test drone deliveries. Companies such as Zomato and Swiggy are also on the list, and they would soon start testing. However, it does not mean that the next time you order some meal from Zomato, a drone will deliver it. It is only the testing process, which, when it becomes successful, will be used regularly.

Drones have been in the market for so long, yet their value is becoming visible in the time of the economy. Not only that, but drone deliveries will also help the company in getting profits in several ways. However, we can say that India is slightly backward in the game. When the FAA-approved Alphabet Wing to deliver groceries and other essentials to people throughout Virginia, many companies started approaching drone making companies for providing the facility.

Companies like Asteria Aerospace, Clearsky Flight Consortium, and various start-up companies are on their way to help out the DGCA in this process. This testing process will be India’s first step in drone-based services, which will be useful for the citizens. 

While the whole world is facing issues due to the pandemic, and everyone is advised to stay at home, drone delivery services are the ones who are going to help the people in getting their basic needs. Meanwhile, most of the services will only supply medical supplies in the testing period. After this period is over, the drones will be allowed to deliver at a larger range.

The decision to test drones was made last year, where DGCA stated that the testing period in India would start in July 2020. It seems like now is the best time to test the drones. Not only that, but most of the people are also even questioning the reasons as to why the drones were not allowed for such services in the past.

Some of the reasons as to why drones were not allowed were privacy and security. Moreover, drone delivery service is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of effort to build a drone that can function on its own. In addition to that, there is the issue of battery life of the drone and the time that it would take to deliver the order.

However, for now, all we know is that the testing for drone deliveries will start in a month, and the drones need to complete at least 100 hours of flight time in the area selected by the Airport Authority Of India by September 30. If the drones can do so, then these drones will further be eligible to deliver groceries and other items for various websites. The drones even need to submit the reports to DGCA for approval and further process.

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