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Drone Delivery Service to Tackle Pandemic gets Started in Ireland

Drone delivery service to tackle pandemic gets started in Ireland

In what is being termed as the first of such a service in the world, a Drone delivery has started in Ireland. The service is currently a pilot project and has been begun from Moneygall in Ireland. Moneygall is a village in Ireland. The drone delivery services started on Friday.

The whole world is facing some lockdown. It means that the delivery of food and medicine to the needy and vulnerable people has been affected badly. Since there is also a dire need to maintain no contact while providing even the basic services, this pilot drone delivery service in Moneygall will be very valuable.

A startup shall provide the services by the name of Manna Aero. The startup had received authorization from the Irish Aviation Authority before the pilot project was cleared for operations on an immediate basis. It is one of its kind startup services, and many people have termed it to be the world’s first.

But, there have been several instances elsewhere in the world before the Monegall, Ireland instance. We would like the interested readers reading this to know that the village holds a special significance being the previous President of the US, Barack Obama’s ancestral village. People need medicine and other supplies, but coming outside of the home would mean risking more transmission.

The drones will be utilized to reach all the people in need in order to deliver prescription orders for medicines to almost a dozen households. Currently, since it is just in its pilot stage, only medication shall be supplied in those households. If the project runs successfully, it will get an extension of its services in terms of the number of households being covered and the type of supplies being given away.

Ireland has been facing a growing number of new cases and deaths, with the total number of affected people being well above the 4,500 marks. Manna Zero’s founder Bobby Healy spoke to the Irish Independent the drone services brought up by his startup venture enforce the global objective of zero human contact. Not only that, he said, but the services can also complete deliveries “in ways normal delivery can’t.”

The tally of a total number of cases in the world stands at a whopping 1.1 million. In these difficult times, technology like this is nothing short of a godsend help. At a time when there is either complete or partial lockdown and coming out of homes means risking transmission and infection of the coronavirus, the starting of such services adds a different flavor to the on-going war against the virus.

In the US, a company by the name Zipline is in line to get authorized by the FAA. It plans to use robots to deliver food to quarantined occupants of different homes. China had started the state’s sponsored drones way back in January, which was not unmanned aerial vehicles. As early as the beginning of March, China had initiated using drones to deliver medicine to its people stranded in several areas of the affected province.

China had initiated its drone delivery at just the right time. Its drones have been very helpful in reducing a human to human contact while making deliveries of essential items like medicines and food supplies. The drones have also been effective, all the while as security and surveillance operations were being carried out.

It is a difficult time, and technology has a lot to offer if used judiciously. Its services like big data analytics, real-time monitoring, and tracking through apps based on Bluetooth and the use of social media to reach out to the masses will together go a long way in battling this terrible Pandemic.

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