Drone flying is now regulated by a new law in Dubai

A new law has been issued by the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum as the 4th law of the year 2020, which plans to regulate drone activity in the city of Dubai. The same law also aims to highlight and promote Dubai as a drone manufacturing hub and to move forward with supporting technology in the area eventually.

The new law that aims at eliminating the risks that come with drone activity was passed on Saturday. The part that would be played by each of the governing authorities has been detailed out under this law. It would help both public and private individuals to use drones and indulge in drone-related services, as the law is enforced in the given time.

All types of drone activities have been mentioned under the law, which includes even free zones across Dubai and applies to all types of drones as well. Only military drones won’t be asked to abide by the law, but they must coordinate with the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, so safety is ensured at all times.

The law document details the responsibilities and duties of each segment of the law and how they would be part of the regulation of the law across Dubai. Dubai Civil Aviation Authority has been assigned the task of taking care of permits that would be required by drone users, along with conducting trials in the process.

All the rules and regulations concerning the heights at which drones would fly about numerous activities would be put together by the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority itself. As for making the process more streamlined, Dubai Air Navigation Services will look at allocating of airspace within which drones can be flown for given activities. In a way, the authority’s task is to support the tasks carried on by Dubai Civil Aviation Authority.

Drone airports are another aspect that has come to be a key highlight of the law passed in Dubai. The Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects will be looking at the set of standards and conditions which would have to be followed in case a drone airport comes into being. It is clear from this that the plan to accommodate Drone airports into the urban scenario without disturbance to what exists already is in play.

As usual, drone users would have to obtain a license as well after so much is being done to ensure safe use. Dubai Police will be looking at any illegal use of drones and related crimes. Their task would also be to ensure no drones are flying in areas that haven’t been designated to them. In the end, any operation related to drones will need a license from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority. No drone should be in the air if it hasn’t been permitted by the organization, as the law states.

All activities that would be permitted with drones have been listed under the law along with the procedure that would have to be followed by anyone requesting a license. The operational safety certificate will also have to be obtained by the authority before the flight, which includes permits for fuel and power as well.

Just like airplanes, air space will be allotted to permitted drones, and everything would be pre-planned. All procedures and protocols as the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority have approved them will have to be followed by the users. Any illegal control of drones of illegal seizures has been deemed as a criminal offence by the law. Hence any individual related to it will be accustomed to legal action.

Soon, legislations will be issued by the law, which will detail every aspect, and the new drone law would be effective from the date of publishing itself.

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