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Bosch ROS20VSC vs Dewalt DWE6423K Comparison Guide 2022

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If you like to do your carpeting work yourself, then a sander is a machine you must definitely own. A very efficient sander has a lot of uses that indeed help all kinds of people a lot. Sanders is a portable power tool used for smoothing, polishing, and cleaning surfaces. People can use a sander for plastic, woods, or any type of metal, in fact. These tools also assist in roughening surfaces in order to prepare them for finishing. There are many great machines of this kind, and DWE6423K and ROS20VSC stand out among them. Here, in this guide, let us get to know about these two by assessing differences among them. Knowing dissimilarities and unique features among the 2 best things of the same kind will ease the decision-making process. A detailed comparison between DWE6423K vs ROS20VSC on various bases will help you to choose your ideal best sander.

Comparison Table For DWE6423K VS ROS20VSC

DEWALT DWE6423K Random Orbit Sander imageBosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander image
ModelDEWALT DWE6423K Random Orbit SanderBosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander
Dimensions10.38 x 7.25 x 6.2 inches9 x 5 x 6 inches
Weight4 pounds3.5 pounds
Power SourceCordedCorded-Electric
Cord Length5 Inches5 Inches 
Girt TypeCoarseFine
Amperage Capacity3 Amps2.5 Amps
Voltage120 Volts120 Volts
Dust BagIncludedIncluded
Carrying BagIncludedIncluded
Batteries RequiredNoYes
Included ComponentsSander, dust bag, owners’ card, carrying bagSanding pad, sanding disc, dust canister, vacuum adapter, carrying case
Dust Sealed SwitchIncludedIncluded
Universal Quick Connector Hose1 ¼”1 ½” and 1 ¼”
Mode of VibrationLowLow
Warranty3 Years30 days money back, 1 Year manufacturer warranty
Check PriceCheck Price

Bosch ROS20VSC vs Dewalt DWE6423K Orbit Sander

It is not necessary for a particular product to excel in every aspect. Based on a person’s needs and wants, one has to critically assess all points that suit them. Upon doing so, they can arrive at a wise and non regrettable decision.


Outer look and body, too, play a major role apart from a device’s operation. Smaller machines occupy fewer spaces creating no mess and fuss. Just by looking at both the products only once, you can easily guess that their design is almost similar in a sense. Sleek and small body construction in both of them gives a great advantage while storing those products.

Dewalt DWE6423K is very compact and lightweight. It weighs just 4 pounds and is small in size with dimensions 10.38 x 7.25 x 6.2 inches. The product is very comfortable to hold and use around your working place.

In the case of Bosch ROS20VSC palm sander, this one is comparatively a little smaller than Dewalt, considering its lesser dimensions, 9 x 5 x 6 inches. Being just 3.5 pounds, carrying it can be a cakewalk.


The motor of any electronic equipment is considered to be a core element. Therefore, a device’s efficiency in delivering results solely depends on the motor and its speed of functioning. And when such things are concerned, these 2 are unique and differ from each other.

With speeds ranging from 8000 to 12000 OPM, 6423 K excels in performing any tough tasks. Also, the product works on 3 amps capacity, making it more powerful and desirable.

Speaking about ROS20VSC, this one, too, almost has a somewhat similar speed of working. It has a speed that starts at 7500 OPM and ends at 12,000 OPM, making it more versatile. And, 2.5 amps is its capacity.

Dust Collection System

This particular feature really means a lot for all those who work with sanders on a frequent basis. The dust collection system immediately eliminates the manual and tedious task of cleaning accumulated dust.

Inbuilt microfilter dust canister system of ROS20VSC sander helps users to trap the dust and dirt along with microbes. This system is very efficient as it traps particles that are as small as ½ in micron in diameter. Apart from collecting, this canister shows the dust level. Being detachable, one can remove it by simply twisting it while working on dust-free surfaces.

Coming to DWE6423K, this tool too has its own dust collection system. Its dust-sealed switch protects individuals from dust ingestion. Ultimately, such a system will contribute to its durability and help it last longer. This one’s dust port is universal as it comes made in a way to fit perfectly for DWV0110 and DWV012. A one-handed locking bag further eases the usage.


Who wouldn’t want a fatigue-free operation?! Less physical stress while working on any projects will make a product more worthy. And thus, one has to consider the mode of handling a tool. The handle of both these machines is more or less the same. Both have an easy-to-use handle using which you can do your work more effectively.

The integrated rubberized palm area handle of Bosch ROS20VSC enables customers to have more grip and comfort while using it. One can rest assured that a better grip without any discomfort makes it more fun to operate on. Integral pad dampening renders a smooth working.

Dewalt’s DWE6423K has a large palm grip just above the sander. Its rubberized handles make it more comfortable for holding longer. This one’s handles make sanding easier, even in tricky areas.

Variable Speed Setting

Variability allows one to acquire a customized performance. This feature is very important in motorized tools. Because people have to work with different speed settings under different jobs. Fortunately, both Dewalt and Bosch have included variable settings in their machines. This means you can adjust the speed according to your needs. If you want to work at high speed, then you can increase the speed. In contrast, if you are more comfortable with less speed, then you can reduce the speed. Both ROS20VSC and DWE6423K have a maximum speed of 12,000 OPM, allowing users to finish working on any tougher surfaces smoothly. However, they differ in the minimum speed that they deliver.

The minimum speed of Bosch ROS20VSC palm sander is 7,500 OPM. Meaning one can work starting from the 7500 OPM level. In contrast, DWE6423K has a variable speed setting that starts from 8,000 OPM. So, compared to the former one, this one has a bit higher minimum speed setting.

Finishing Quality

Well, the main objective of a best orbital sander is to deliver a high-quality finishing. Because only then a customer’s investment in it becomes a total worth. The finishing quality that is observed in the duo is more or less similar, making both equally preferable. They give a standard finish throughout your sanding.

Although, Dewalt DWE6423K sander, as mentioned earlier, has more capacity, which is 3 amps. Hence, its finishing quality will be a bit more premium. But that doesn’t make Bosch ROS20VSC any less. With 2.5 amps power, it works adequately, delivering desirable finishing. However, we must agree that it works a bit slower.


While investing in your assets, you must always look for their warranty. Warranty plays a major role in changing your decision. In case of any unexpected flaws or unfortunate events, a warranty comes as a savior. A limited 3-year warranty assures a lot for users for the Dewalt 6423K. Generally, devices like these are only warranted for a maximum of 1.5 years, but Dewalt DWE6423K orbital sander has a warranty of 3 whole years.

While, on the other hand, Bosch ROS20VSC has only a 1-year limited warranty. However, it comes with a 30 days money refund warranty. Such a refund scheme will help people get their money back in 30 days if their product faces any problem. But after that, it is only warranted for 1 year.


We hope that after reading this Bosch ROS20VSC vs Dewalt DWE6423K comparison, you must be sure of which one to buy among these two. All the comparisons between DWE6423K vs ROS20VSC, as drawn, will give you a better idea. Though there are a few similar things about both the products, there are these differences, as mentioned, which will help in choosing.

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