Dyson launched a new vacuum cleaner named V11 Outsize; apt for a bigger space

As most of us are aware, cordless vacuum cleaners are quite easy to use. People can clean their homes quite conveniently using them, especially if they are living in smaller homes where space is quite less. However, there are certain restrictions, too, when it comes to cordless vacuum cleaners. There are certain limitations in terms of power, battery, and capacity that can be accommodated by a handheld vacuum cleaner. Thus, it becomes quite difficult to use a cordless vacuum cleaner for bigger homes. 

It is the usual problem with most of the cordless types of cleaners. However, Dyson’s latest vacuum cleaner-called as the V11 Outsize — is larger compared to all the other cordless vacuum cleaners. It seems to be an apt choice for those people residing in larger homes. They can clean their apartments with the V11 Outsize vacuum cleaner. 

Although the latest launch of Dyson is still a part of the V11 family, it is still not an upgraded version to the earlier V11 device, feels Dyson. However, its bin is 150% larger in size while its cleaner head is about 25% bigger, as compared to the previous V11 vacuum cleaner, which is a considerable difference. It also goes pretty well with all of V11’s accessories. 

However, an important change that is worth noting is that the V11 Outsize comes with swappable batteries. And for a slightly higher price, an extra swappable battery is also present within the box. With these batteries, the total run time of the cleaner could go up to a couple of hours, about 120 minutes, to be precise. The previous model had a run time of about 60 minutes, which means that the latest model has almost double the run time. 

Using high power modes can reduce the life of the battery. It is where an extra battery becomes quite helpful. 

When compared to the previous V11, the latest one, that is, the Outsize, can figure out the resistance on the brush bar of the motor head. Accordingly, it can adjust the suction power. For instance, the suction power would be higher on carpets whereas, on hard floors, it would be lower. The power level can also be adjusted manually. 

Dyson introduced the V11 Outsize after a lot of study and research, which stated that there are a considerable number of Americans who stay in some of the biggest homes in the entire world. 

For people looking out to buy the Dyson V11 Outsize vacuum cleaner, the same is available now at Dyson.com. The one with a single battery comes at $730, whereas the one with two batteries is available for $800. An interesting thing to be noted here goes something like this – the bigger model is starting at a price that is only $30 higher than its smaller counterpart. Now that is not very high. 

So people out there who were looking for something bigger and efficient for cleaning their huge apartments, this is something which they should give a try. And it is not coming at a very high price after all !!!

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