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Dyson Launches its Lightest Cordless Vacuum Called the Digital Slim Vacuum

Dyson launches its lightest cordless vacuum called the Digital slim vacuum

Dyson finally revealed its long-awaited slim vacuum. It is cordless and weighs only 1.5kg, including the mattress tool. It is the lightest Dyson cordless stick as of yet, it is 30% less heavy and 20% smaller in size. Even with the changes made in its size and weight, the notable thing about it is that there is no loss of suction. It features a powerful hyperdymium motor belonging to Dyson. It also includes cyclones and carbon fiber filaments that are highly efficient for picking up finer dust particles.

The home trials were conducted in Shanghai with Chinese owners to understand the ergonomics of cord-free vacuuming and understand the cleaning habits of these owners. The engineers were able to observe that cleaning needs to be rather deep in Chinese homes, and thus the vacuums would require finer dust pick up. Chinese homes often have hard floors and need vacuums with well-rounded capabilities as cleaning is done more frequently than in other households. Thus the engineers kept in mind designing a lighter vacuum stick that would support frequent cleaning and also has more suction for better performance on hard floorings. 

Although the main objective was to produce a lightweight vacuum stick, Dyson engineers did not compromise with the product’s performance. They wanted the vacuum to be lightweight but still perform just as well as the Dyson V11 cord-free vacuum cleaner.

The Founder and chief engineer, James Dyson, said that, for making a strong-performing vacuum, it must effectively capture fine dust. It should also maintain constant powerful suction. He added that, In their latest machine, they have tried to condense their proprietary cleaning technologies. Thus producing their lightest machine to date and not having to sacrifice cleaning performance. He also said, “Starting at the floor we’ve completely re-engineered our soft Fluffy cleaner head, introducing a new light and robust brush bar, giving a compact and lower profile cleaner head for tight spaces and improved edge pick up. The machine is then powered by our lightweight Dyson Hyperdymium motor and 11 precisely engineered cyclones, which ensure no loss of suction,” giving the public an insight on the technical changes made in the vacuum to achieve this result.

The detailed and small changes made in the product have collectively added to its size and weight being significantly lower than any previous products. The engineers chose to stitch the carbon fiber filament, and the felt to the cleaner head in place of sticking it together using some adhesive. It, in turn, contributed to the reduction of weight. They also observed that in Chinese homes, even though cleaning is done frequently, the owners like to spend as little time cleaning as possible. It meant that the suction had to be up to par and pick up large debris as well as fine dust simultaneously. The product will come with a removable battery that supposedly works for 40 minutes in eco mode and can be charged while kept away from the body.

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