Dyson launches Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Hair Straightener

With the launch of its latest vacuum cleaner in Ireland and Britain, Dyson has projected itself as the emerging front runner in the esteemed league of leaders in the field of home appliances. The electronics gadget is the Dyson 360 Heurist robot vacuum cleaner.

This time Dyson has launched not just one but two appliances. The second one relates to beauty and personal healthcare. We are talking about their new hair straightener. Yes, that is right! The new hair device is battery operated and has been brought up with a new thought. The motivation is more of safety against damage to hair.

As per James Dyson, “We have been studying the science of hair over the last five or six years, and hair damage is a very serious issue.”

This new hair tool pertains to the straightening of hair and helps you in coming up with your most loved stylized hair. The idea is to bring those hair devices which do not work with a lot of heat. The device is equipped with strong sensors that sense heat and respond timely. The new technology makes use of plates that are built of manganese and copper’s mixed alloy. These plates are very flexible and can be bent to turn the hair around.

The plates being so flexible allow for the tension to be applied pretty uniformly. The hair straightener comes with a smart heat control system. Straighteners are being used for decades, and these have undergone a lot of technical changes. Most of the work in the latter years has been to reduce the impact of heat. It is very important given that heat is known to be the devil that damages people’s hair strands so very often. 

In the worst case, if left unchecked, the hair scalp can also get burnt with the hot device. In any case, applying heat regularly can cause serious problems for your hair. It can even lose luster, which is its natural one. Moreover, the hair can become brittle and weak, causing it to break by and by. The hair can lose its natural smoothness and become harsh and stiff. It is not something you would like your hair to go through!

It is where such heat controlling technologies step in. This technology has been on the rise in Asian countries, but Europe has been moving forward with the older approach. The same goes for the American countries where there are not a lot of changes to cater to the health and wellness of hair in the form of a device that can fulfill that essential purpose. The Dyson Corrale hair straightener is a step taken just in time.

The Dyson Corrale hair straightener is equipped with multiple sensors that make a note of temperature pretty amazingly at the rate of 100 times every second. The sensor meanwhile delivers this information to a microprocessor as well that controls the heating system delivering the fully measured heat with just the best and accurate measure. 

Let us talk about the vacuum cleaner, which goes by the name of the Dyson 360 Heurist robot vacuum cleaner. Its earlier version also sold well, but there was a shortage of its motors, so the company was not keen on pushing the sales. The machine is given more memory than its older versions, and apart from that, its suction is also increased to be 20% stronger. 

The robot cleaner is attached to an application, and that lets it know all the corners of your home by mapping the surface. The cleaner has got light sensors to help clean in the dark and under furniture too. The sensors prevent it from colliding with surfaces and things.

As per Mr. Dyson, they “are putting so much into developing new solid-state battery technology.” 

They believe the new and stronger batteries which are Eco-friendly and powerful are the future. The company has lately been putting a bigger emphasis on battery development. It is a tech that can easily be applied to other core sectors as well.

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