Dyson, Vacuum Cleaner Company, Owner Adding an Art Gallery in his Home

James Dyson is a well-known brand in the vacuum cleaner industry, given how so many of us use Dyson bagless vacuum cleaners every day. The company owner is in the news today for something other than vacuum cleaners, though. He and his wife Deirdre are planning to open an art gallery in the garden of their home in South Gloucestershire. 

The art gallery plans to display pop art by artists like Peter Blake and David Hockney. The 18th-century property located in Dodington park and owned by the couple will be the exact location of the upcoming art gallery. 

Given the location, the art gallery will be named the Dodington art gallery and free for visitors on specific days. Pre-booking will be required by anyone who wishes to visit the venue. 

Tim Marlow, the director of the design museum, has mentioned about what might be included in the Dyson collection, “The strongest theme running through the collection is Pop Art, whose international credentials are framed in the Dyson collection by a pioneering work (Crying Girl from 1963) by Roy Lichtenstein at the beginning of the movement and a playful late Andy Warhol print from his Toy Series (1983) at the end.”

Along with what Marlow has mentioned, Yves Klein, Allen Jones, and Victor Vasarely would be notable artists to be a part of the Dyson collection. Currently, the project is under the approval stage, and the proposal for the art gallery has been submitted to the South Gloucestershire council.

The application for planning approval has been under work since 2017, which was the same as when London-based Wilkinson Eyre Architects were also contacted for the project. They have prepared the document for approvals, and they have also mentioned how their clients have a great collection, including works by David Hockney.

The document submitted to the planning department also details out how Dysons wish to open their walled garden to the public for only 28 days in a year. The global art collection they have will only be available for viewing during these 28 days and not otherwise.

It won’t just be the art gallery that adds to the walled garden. A sculpture garden is also present inside, including works from artists like Jeppe Hein, Lyn Chadwick, Eilis O’Connell, and Rob Ward.

As per the plan, there would be two floors in the art gallery and an overhanging roof. The entire roof will be covered in sedum plants while the rest of the construction will be done with materials related to the historic bricks already used in the walled garden.

The art gallery’s decision is still pending, as it can be seen on the planning department’s website. Although, the interest in an art gallery is well suited, given both husband and wife trained at the Byam Shaw School of Art in London. Now, Deirdre already has a gallery where she displays her carpet designs, and we all know Dyson has built a good name in the industry.

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